Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can someone please tell George LeMieux how a blogroll is supposed to work?

Oh, George LeMieux. You may not be much of a conservative, but you sure are funny.

I had heard that LeMieux had some sort of "Bloggers for George" group on his campaign website, and I was curious to see who might be listed.

Well, under the "BLOG" link on the website, I found several cutesy little "Blogger Buttons" with html code to add to a website...

Where's "RINOs for George?"
...and also a "Blogroll" on the right hand side...

(Click image to enlarge)
Here are the websites that are linked under the "Blogroll:"

Hmmm. That's funny. Normally, blogrolls on candidate websites are links to blogs that actually support the candidate. As an example, see the "Bloggers for Cruz" listed on the website for Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz (yes, I'm listed there - I've endorsed Cruz).

Well, "Central Florida Politics" ( was a website owned by my friend Frank Torres, but he took down the blog several weeks ago, and the address now goes to a placeholder site. Also, the "Support Forum" link is just the main WordPress support blog, and has nothing to do with politics at all.

Broward PoliticsCentral Florida Political PulseNaked PoliticsSun Sentinel Florida Politics, and The Buzz are all political blogs for various Florida newspapers.

Of the links that are left, Practical State blogger E. Royce White, Jr. supports Adam Hasner, and is delightfully vicious in his criticism of LeMieux, RedState's Erick Erickson was a key early endorsement for Hasner, and Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank has endorsed Hasner as well. The inclusion of RedState in LeMieux's blogroll is especially puzzling considering that Hasner was a featured speaker at the recent RedState Gathering in Charleston, South Carolina.

Regarding Red County, Adam Hasner is a contributor there, and Dr. Richard Swier and several other contributors (including yours truly) are Hasner supporters. I've seen an occasional post by a Craig Miller supporter, and a few comments by Mike McCalister supporters here and there, but for the life of me, I can't recall seeing anything positive for LeMieux.

Now, all we're left with is American PunditBabalu Blog, and Hot Air. None of the bloggers on those sites have endorsed LeMieux, and none of them have written very much on the Florida Senate race. Searching for "lemieux" on those blogs brings up a few general news items about his time in the Senate, and a number of posts slamming LeMieux for his RINO politics and his associations with Jim Greer and Charlie Crist:

The American Pundit | Call Senators: Say No to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
The American Pundit | Greer's Attorney: Crist Personally Approved Cash Diversion
Babalu Blog | No more RINOs!
Babalu Blog | Senator LeMieux (RINO, FL): Censure Joe Wilson
Babalu Blog | Meet your new Senator, Florida
Hot Air | Last Chance: DREAM Act vote coming tomorrow
Hot Air | Greer's attorney says Crist personally signed off on cash diversion
Hot Air | Breaking: Crist picks Martinez replacement in Senate

...and so on...

Let me get this straight: George LeMieux's entire blogroll consists of sites that have nothing to do with politics, newspaper blogs, and blogs that have endorsed Adam Hasner, and others that range from unsupportive to openly hostile to LeMieux's candidacy?

I guess that's what happens when you don't have any actual grassroots conservative support.


UPDATE: See comments below. Babalu Blog has also officially endorsed Adam Hasner. Bienvenidos a Team Hasner!


  1. For the record, Babalu Blog officially endorses Adam Hasner.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you, Val!

    FYI, y'all should definitely check out Babalu Blog. Great site with *lots* of info, especially regarding Cuba. I love how they refuse to capitalize "castro." A simple & elegant way to show how those evil brothers are not worthy of respect.

  3. Thank you, Sarah!

    Just a quick warning to any of your readers brave enough to venture into Babalu Blog: We're right wing, intransigent, Americans of Cuban descent who really, really hate commies and who show same no quarter.

  4. Val, that's *why* I like y'all. ;)


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