Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'd call Alan Grayson a pig, but that's an insult to pigs

For two mercifully short years, Alan Grayson was my Congressman. Grayson was such an embarrassment, a friend of mine started a website called "" After Dan Webster defeated Grayson, we breathed a sigh of relief that we once again had a rational human being representing us in Congress.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last #FreePAC event in Chicago today! Watch the livestream here!

I had the privilege of attending the last two FreePAC events in Phoenix and Orlando, and can't say enough great things about these excellent FreedomWorks programs. The Chicago FreePAC is today, and you can watch the livestream (for free!) here:

Obama: Most. Childish. Campaign. Ever.

Fresh off their trivial, demeaning, and completely creepy "ladyparts" and "your first time" ads, the Obama campaign is now seeking inspiration from the kindergarten playground for today's message.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Connie Mack: "Defund the UN" [VIDEO]

Florida Senate candidate, Rep. Connie Mack,
addressing the crowd at FreePAC Florida
Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack delivered a rousing speech at the FreePAC Florida event last Friday to a crowd of thousands of grassroots conservative activists, saying that he wanted to go to the United States Senate to make sure that "freedom was at the top of the agenda."

One of the loudest responses Mack received was to several comments stating that the United States should withdraw funding support to the United Nations:

Friday, October 19, 2012

FreePAC is in Florida today! Watch the livestream here!

I'm in Orlando for FreePAC today, and it's so nice to be home for one last short trip before the election. FreedomWorks has been doing an amazing job with these events, and the FreePAC last week in Phoenix, Arizona was a blast.

Today's lineup of speakers includes:

Glenn Beck, Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack, Florida Congressional candidate Trey Radel, Judge Napolitano, Matt Kibbe, Reverend C.L. Bryant, Deneen Borelli, and more.

(ICYMI, check out my interview last week with Reverend C.L. Bryant for FTR Radio here, and the rest of the FTR Radio interviews from all the FreePAC events so far this year here.)

You can watch all the festivities on the livestream, which I've embedded below (if it doesn't work, go to We officially kickoff at 4:00 pm but FTR Radio is doing some pre-show interviews now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Actual Women Who Actually Worked With Romney Think He's Awesome

Hat tip: @evanmc_s
The Left's attempts to keep their ridiculous "War on Women" afloat continue...

The latest example is the hyperventilating over Romney's comments at the debate last night that when he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, he had "binders full" of women's resumes to help him build his administration.

No, Romney doesn't actually want to trap women in binders. Idiots.

Now, if my future President would like to put a copy of my resume in a binder to review for potential employment, that would be just fine with me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

President, Debate Moderator Can't Keep Facts Straight on Libya

During tonight's presidential debate, Mitt Romney directly challenged Barack Obama on the issue of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. With some assistance from teammate moderator Candy Crowley, Obama once again avoided telling the American people the straight truth about the events that led to the deaths of four Americans and heightened concerns about the safety of our diplomats around the globe.

Regarding the rest of Obama's desperate spin, the Romney campaign has helpfully put together a list of quotes and dates from the Obama administration's statements on Libya.

Now, this list might look strange to mainstream media types. You know, because it contains actual facts. Read on below...

Live-Blogging Tonight's Debate

Well, tonight started with an earthquake (yes, really) remains to be seen whether tonight's presidential debate will be as earth-shattering as the last one. Here's all the links to follow along the action tonight:

Latest Sean Bielat ad: "Joe Kennedy: A Legacy He Didn't Build"

The latest web ad for Sean Bielat's campaign for Massachusetts' Fourth Congressional District, "Joe Kennedy: A Legacy He Didn't Build," launches today, and you can view it below:

Karen Castor Dentel's inadequate response to ethics complaint filed against her

Karen Castor Dentel: Excuses, excuses, excuses.
Yesterday, I wrote a post detailing complaints filed against state representative candidate Karen Castor Dentel with the Florida Elections Commission and the Florida Commission on Ethics.

WFTV 9 covered the story last night, and Dentel's only responses to the very serious complaints filed against her were to insist she had done nothing wrong, and to whine that it was a "politically motivated" attack.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"The Buck Stops Here!" Ummm...never mind.

A tale of two presidents...

Karen Castor Dentel: Teacher Gets Schooled on Ethics

Karen Castor Dentel
Karen Castor Dentel, currently employed by Orange County Public Schools as a teacher at Dommerich Elementary School, is challenging State Representative Scott Plakon for the District 30 seat in one of the most closely watched campaigns in Florida this year.

Dentel comes from a family of prominent Democrats (mother Betty is a former state senator and education commissioner, and her sister Kathy is a Congresswoman), so I assumed she would have the best advisers helping her campaign, especially considering how highly the Florida Democratic Party was prioritizing this race.

However, recent developments reveal a stunning pattern of ethical violations by Dentel, including complaints filed with the Florida Elections Commission and the Florida Commission on EthicsI've embedded both complaints below, or you can click on the links in the previous sentence to view them.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

FreePAC Arizona today, next week Florida!

Your humble correspondent
I'm in Phoenix, Arizona today for FreePAC, sponsored by FreedomWorks. We have a great day ahead of us, including grassroots training, a preview of Atlas Shrugged II, and presentations by Matt KibbeKristina Ribali, Deneen Borelli, Dana Loesch, Glenn Beck, and many more.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @rumpfshaker and the hashtag #FreePAC for all the latest news throughout the day, as well as the official FreedomWorks twitter accounts, @FreedomWorks and @FWforAmerica.

Dorworth fights back: It's not the critic who counts

State Representative Chris Dorworth has had an ongoing feud with Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell, which I've covered several times in the past (see here and here).

Despite the fact that every time he engages with the Sentinel, they kick him in the teeth, Dorworth doesn't let it faze him and just carries on, working on legislation and reforms to make government more efficient and more responsive to the needs of the Florida people.

Now, Dorworth has moved beyond "just carrying on." I've been glad to see Dorworth decide to fight back and defending his name. In a recent op-ed posted at Sunshine State News, Dorworth addressed the slanted coverage he's received in the Sentinel (hmmm, you think there's a reason so many people call it the "Slantinel"?). I've linked it below: read it and let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shocker, I know: Biden got his facts wrong about Palin

"Hey Joe, I didn't know you could travel through time!"
At the vice presidential debate last night, Joe Biden made a curious comment regarding Sarah Palin:

“You know, I heard that death panel argument from Sarah Palin. It seems that every vice presidential debate, I hear this kind of stuff about panels. But let's talk about Medicare..."
Wait a second. Palin was claiming that  the implementation of ObamaCare would involve death panels in 2008?

The legislation wasn't introduced until the summer of 2009

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Live-Blogging Tonight's VP Debate

Last week's presidential debate was an amazing, incredible evisceration of Barack Obama's campaign, and I am really looking forward to tonight's contest between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Once again, I'll be live-blogging tonight from my Sulia account. You can follow the posts on the Sunshine State Sarah Facebook page or on Twitter at @rumpfshaker.

The Romney campaign has a widget for following the Twitter feeds of their staffers. I've embedded it below:

Coupon for 1 gallon of gas!

We all know gas prices have been much higher under Obama's presidency, so who wouldn't want a coupon?

Unbelievable: @AmbassadorRice's Actual Twitter Account

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier tonight, and came across a tweet by @SooperMexican that I thought had to be a parody:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New video shows widespread OFA encouragement for voter fraud

"One person, one vote." That's how it's supposed to work, anyway. 

But in a new video by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, Obama for America staffers openly encourage undercover reporters to engage in voter fraud - specifically, offering assistance as they seek to vote in more than one state:

"P" is for Priorities

I have a post over on my Sulia page about why it's fine with me that the Obama campaign continues to hyperventilate about Big Bird (please go check it out if you haven't yet), and just wanted to share this graphic from the RNC:

ICYMI: Sean Bielat's Remarks on Benghazi

Sean Bielat, candidate for Massachusetts' Fourth Congressional District, wrote an post earlier this week for RedState regarding his thoughts on the situation in Libya. If you missed it, it's worth a read:

"Bad Lip Reading" of the Presidential Debate

The insanely clever (and possibly cleverly insane) people at Bad Lip Reading posted their version of the first debate between Obama and Romney yesterday:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Hope Is Not a Strategy" - Excerpts from Romney's Foreign Policy Speech

Tomorrow, Mitt Romney will deliver a foreign policy address at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia.

The Romney campaign has released excerpts, as prepared for delivery, from the speech, and I am glad to see Romney taking a tough stance in support of a strong American foreign policy, and doesn't shy away from criticizing the current administration's approach.

In an especially powerful section, Romney mentions that he and President Obama both share the hope of "a safer, freer, and a more prosperous Middle East allied with the United States," but then concludes, "[b]ut hope is not a strategy." Well said, Governor.

Read the speech below:

Friday, October 5, 2012

New AFP Ad & Super Saturday Walk in Orlando

Americans for Prosperity launched a new ad today about what life is like around the dinner table for the more than 12 million Americans who are unemployed. AFP New Media Director Stephanie Fontenot described the ad as follows:
It's a common scene and, to some, an all too familiar situation. As a response to the jobs report released this morning, we've just launched our new ad, "The Dinner Table" online. It's uncomfortable, awkward, and a real-life example of the impact of President Obama's harmful economic policies and failing agenda.
You can watch the ad here:

Ferris Bueller, You're a Jerk

There's liberal Hollywood bias, and then there's lunacy like this...

I was flipping through the channels late last night and happened to catch The Late Show with David Letterman, just as Letterman was introducing a segment where he has an actor pretend to be Mitt Romney, under the guise of simulating how an interview with Romney might go, if the Governor were to come on Letterman's show.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Comeback for Obama in the next debate?

The consensus today, across the political spectrum, is that Romney annihilated Obama at the debate last night. The blamestorming on the Left has been nothing short of hysterical (I've been hashtagging tweets with #delicioustears), including Al Gore's pathetic excuse that Obama was suffering from altitude problems.

The question now is whether Obama will be able to mount a comeback the next time the two candidates meet on stage.

Apparently, the President may have a secret weapon:

Pre-Debate Blogger Call With Marco Rubio [AUDIO]

The Romney Digital Team set up a conference call with Senator Marco Rubio and several conservative bloggers before last night's presidential debate. Rubio is one of the best in the country at delivering the conservative message, and last night was no exception.

Rubio was very positive and upbeat during the call, both about Mitt Romney as a candidate, and about how he expected the Governor to do during the debate. As we now know, Rubio had good reason for optimism.

The campaign graciously permitted me to record the call, and I've posted it on my YouTube channel:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live-Blogging the Debate

I'll be live-blogging the debate tonight from my Sulia account. You can follow the posts on the Sunshine State Sarah Facebook page or on Twitter at @rumpfshaker.

The Romney campaign has a widget for following the Twitter feeds of their staffers. I've embedded it below:

There's a reason they call it the "Slantinel"

State Representative Chris Dorworth
Last fall, I wrote a post that started with this question:
How can you tell if Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell will be attacking State Representative Chris Dorworth? If it's a day ending in a "Y."
My friend Tom Tillison had an excellent post at Florida Political Press yesterday regarding Maxwell's latest tirade against  Chris Dorworth, and pointing out that Maxwell's presumptuous "advice" to Republicans should be taken with a grain of salt:

Brutal new Scott Brown ad asks whose side Elizabeth Warren is really on [VIDEO]

Whoa. Scott Brown's campaign has come out with a new web ad that just eviscerates Elizabeth Warren's claims of fighting for the little guy. The ad focuses on Warren's legal representation of LTV Steel in a bankruptcy case in which coal workers lost their pensions and benefits, and some of the most damning clips are those that feature Warren herself:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New ad hits Bill Nelson's hypocrisy on agriculture taxes [VIDEO]

Here's the latest ad from American Crossroads, hitting Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson on his hypocrisy taking advantage of an agricultural tax exemption for his own property while pushing to raise taxes on actual farmers:

Rep. William Keating (D-MA) compares America to dirty laundry

So much for American exceptionalism. Democrat Congressman William Keating, who's running for reelection in Massachusetts' Ninth District against Republican challenger Chris Sheldon, made some curious comments in a recent interview with the Patriot Ledger:

"Just Kidding"

Not sure if this is real or photoshopped, but it cracked me up:

Obama 2012: Keeping It Classy

The Obama campaign has a Tumblr blog at, and a recent image posted there should raise some eyebrows:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Democrats whine, Republicans act

State Rep. Plakon
The Democrats have been whining about a "War on Women" all year, but other than demand that taxpayers pay for birth control and abortions, have the Democrats done anything to actually help women? 

In contrast, two Florida Republicans, State Representative Scott Plakon and State Senator David Simmons, co-sponsored a bill that amended Florida's stalking statutes to make it easier for victims to get legal protection from their harassers. 

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