Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama 2012: Keeping It Classy

The Obama campaign has a Tumblr blog at barackobama.tumblr.com, and a recent image posted there should raise some eyebrows:

[Link to original Obama Tumblr post here.]

After conservative bloggers started criticizing the post, it was taken down. Shocker. Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot of original post, from Twitchy.com

What. The. ****.

The Democrats have now taken the "War on Women" to new heights of absurdity, and new depths of depravity.

Is the Obama campaign actually suggesting that if Romney is elected, the government is going to take our "lady parts" away from us? Are we at risk now for the horrifying genital mutilation practices that happen in areas of Africa? Who is exactly is going to be attacking us and stealing body parts?

But hey, let's ignore reality and basic principles of logic. There's an election to win, and pushing the talking point that Republicans hate women is so much easier than talking about the economy.

Never mind that women continue to suffer under Obama's economy, their whole bodies, not just their "lady parts."

Never mind the irony of feminists screaming about women being minimized as sex objects, while dressing up as "lady parts" for protests.

Bottom line: regardless of your opinions on abortion, birth control, health care, or anything else related to this election year, it is completely inappropriate for a presidential campaign to post an image like this. 

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