Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rep. William Keating (D-MA) compares America to dirty laundry

So much for American exceptionalism. Democrat Congressman William Keating, who's running for reelection in Massachusetts' Ninth District against Republican challenger Chris Sheldon, made some curious comments in a recent interview with the Patriot Ledger:

What are the other business leaders in the world thinking about our economy? Are they going to invest in our economy?
Right now, the good news is they want to invest. They want to invest in the U.S. They're fatigued with the Chinese, they're uncertain in Europe right now, and we are, we could be probably the least dirty shirt in the drawer. But we're the least dirty shirt in the drawer, in this country, and that's the good news.
America is dirty laundry? I'm not sure if that says more about Representative Keating's lack of pride in our country, or maybe if it's an admission that Obama's failed economic policies continue to drag us down.

Unfortunately for Keating, the Ninth District is one of the most Republican-leaning in Massachusetts, and Chris Sheldon has a real shot at unseating him...especially since Sheldon has a wealth of actual private sector experience, as opposed to Keating's years as a career politician.


  1. Keating is an embarrassment and it's time he was retired.

  2. It seems pretty clear that he's referring to the economic state, rather than us as a country. Unless of course you're trying to create something out of nothing, Sarah.

    1. Yeah, in the grand scheme of Most Horribly Awful Things Politicians Say, this isn't on the the top ten list. But it's certainly something I would never say.

      The nice thing about Keating is that I am fully confident he'll say something much more ridiculous than this pretty soon. ;)


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