Monday, October 22, 2012

Connie Mack: "Defund the UN" [VIDEO]

Florida Senate candidate, Rep. Connie Mack,
addressing the crowd at FreePAC Florida
Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack delivered a rousing speech at the FreePAC Florida event last Friday to a crowd of thousands of grassroots conservative activists, saying that he wanted to go to the United States Senate to make sure that "freedom was at the top of the agenda."

One of the loudest responses Mack received was to several comments stating that the United States should withdraw funding support to the United Nations:
Not only do I want to defund the UN, I say we kick 'em out of New York too...
[Why would we] turn over our rights to defend ourselves to an organization that doesn't believe in our values? 
We need a president in the White House that is going to stand up for America.
After Mack's speech, I managed to catch up with him backstage for a quick interview about his comments:

Considering recent stories like how the UN is seeking to "monitor" our elections, not to mention the organization's long history of legitimizing brutal dictatorships and terrorist regimes, wasteful overly-bureaucratic methods, and many failures to properly direct humanitarian aid to those who need it, I agree with Mack and am hard-pressed to think of one example where the UN does anything that the United States cannot do better on its own.

UN "peacekeepers" are a joke, and have an unfortunately sordid track record of sexually assaulting the people whom they are supposed to protect. Any humanitarian aid we wish to provide to foreign countries can also be handled much more efficiently if we give directly to those in need. Government bureaucracies can never be made completely efficient, so the fewer agencies and organizations through which aid is routed, the more money available to actually do some good.

Based on twitter reports, Mack repeated his call to defund the UN at an Indian River Tea Party event the day after FreePAC, with similar positive response. I'm glad to hear it. For too long, Congress has been abdicating its responsibilities regarding American foreign policy to the White House, and we need more Senators and Representatives who are willing to put their feet down and reassert Congressional oversight over such matters.

Learn more about FreePAC at (LAST EVENT THIS FRIDAY IN ILLINOIS!) and about Connie Mack at

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