Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brutal new Scott Brown ad asks whose side Elizabeth Warren is really on [VIDEO]

Whoa. Scott Brown's campaign has come out with a new web ad that just eviscerates Elizabeth Warren's claims of fighting for the little guy. The ad focuses on Warren's legal representation of LTV Steel in a bankruptcy case in which coal workers lost their pensions and benefits, and some of the most damning clips are those that feature Warren herself:

YouTube | scottbrownma | LTV Steel

If you can watch the segment of the video with the retired coal miner talking about losing his pension and then his voice cracking as he talks about not being able to pay for health care for his wife and not be touched, you have a heart of stone.
"I think the real question is, whose side do you stand on?"- Professor Elizabeth Warren
Good question, Professor Warren. A very good question indeed.

Further reading: Don't forget that Warren's representation of LTV Steel may have been unauthorized practice of law without a license in Massachusetts.

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