Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New ad hits Bill Nelson's hypocrisy on agriculture taxes [VIDEO]

Here's the latest ad from American Crossroads, hitting Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson on his hypocrisy taking advantage of an agricultural tax exemption for his own property while pushing to raise taxes on actual farmers:

American Crossroads is backing this ad with a $2 million buy on local broadcast and cable stations across Florida for one week. Nate Hodson, American Crossroads director of state and regional media relations, released the following statement:

Bill Nelson’s decades as a career politician have taught him how to dodge paying hefty taxes and still make big profits for himself. Floridians can’t afford another six years of Bill Nelson helping himself while he pushes higher taxes for everyone else.
To be fair, Nelson didn't do anything illegal by taking advantage of the agricultural tax exemption, but it does expose an all-too-typical liberal hypocrisy regarding taxes. 

Nelson was happy to have a few cows wander around his property so he could reap the benefits of a lower tax rate designed to help farmers, but then had no problem supporting higher taxes for those who actually make their living by farming.

UPDATE: OMG, Connie Mack's campaign posted a video on this same issue a few months ago, and it's hysterical. Singing cows!

"Bill Nelson's farm's the place to be, just six cows and hypocrisy!"

Moo moo! Heh.

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  1. This ad is silly. But lets not forget that the Senator promised to only spend what we take in. Yet here we are years later with a HUGE debt crisis in our country. If you visit billnelsonrecord.com you will find that Bill Nelson is largely responsible for our current fiscal mess. Isn't it time to send a message to Washington that we have had enough enough with the spending?


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