Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'd call Alan Grayson a pig, but that's an insult to pigs

For two mercifully short years, Alan Grayson was my Congressman. Grayson was such an embarrassment, a friend of mine started a website called "" After Dan Webster defeated Grayson, we breathed a sigh of relief that we once again had a rational human being representing us in Congress.

My Congressman is NO LONGER nuts! For now...
(Photo from election night 2010)
Now, this year, Alan Grayson is once again running for Congress in the new ninth district against Todd Long, and he is just as obnoxious and nasty as he's ever been.

The Daily Caller has a detailed article this morning about a fundraiser for Grayson this past Sunday in Hollywood, and the entertainment they describe should give pause to any decent human being who might possibly consider voting for Grayson.

I don't even want to quote the so-called jokes told by the so-called celebrities at this event, but you can go to The DC's article and read for yourself about the repeated uses of the "n-word" and a seemingly endless series of rape jokes.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rape jokes.

Because the idea of a woman being violently forced to have sex against her will is such a knee-slapper, right?

The Democrats declare a War on Women if Republicans don't want to force the Catholic Church to buy birth control pills for Sandra Fluke, but then turn around and raise campaign funds at an event where so-called comedians made light of those who do actual violence against women.

As I wrote in the title of this post, I would call Alan Grayson a pig, but that's an unfair insult to pigs. Kudos to The Daily Caller for covering this story in all its nasty little details, and shame on Alan Grayson and the Democrats for raising funds in such a vile way. There's nothing funny about rape, and we should hold our Congressional candidates to a higher standard.

Read the article here:

The Daily Caller | TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein: At Alan Grayson’s Hollywood fundraiser, rape jokes abound

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