Sarah Rumpf frequently appears as a political commentator on a variety of talk radio and television programs, including WOFL Fox Orlando, WFTV Channel 9, WKMG Local 6, Bud Hedinger (WFLA 540 AM), Ed Dean Radio, and FTR Radio. Starting in October 2011, she'll be providing conservative commentary twice a month for the "Talking Politics" program on WMFE 90.7 FM, Orlando's National Public Radio affiliate.

Here is a sampling of some of Sarah's radio and television appearances and other media quotes:

St. Petersburg Times | October 25, 2011 | Prominent Florida Republicans helping Cain (Sarah Rumpf quoted regarding state of GOP presidential primary)

SaintPetersblog | Florida's Top Political Tweeters for September| October 3, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf named top ranked political person on Twitter in Florida)

Palm Beach Post | October 1, 2011 | Herman Cain's surge, Rick Perry's slide, reflect Florida GOP free-for-all (quoted regarding GOP debate)

That's What She Said | September 29, 2011 | TWSS #10 With Sarah Rumpf and Rob Taylor (discussing the booing at the GOP debate in Orlando, CPAC-FL, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry)

Fox 35 Orlando | September 27, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf discussing Herman Cain's straw poll win and the status of the GOP field)

American Spectator | Herman Cain's Magic Moment | September 26, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf quoted about Herman Cain's straw poll win at the Republican Party of Florida's Presidency 5 convention)

Flashpoint | September 25, 2011 | Guests: Justin Sayfie, Sarah Rumpf, Bill Mick (Discussing GOP presidential debate, CPAC Florida, and Presidency 5 straw poll)

The Other McCain | CAIN MANIA IN ORLANDO? | September 24, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf quoted about Scott Plakon's endorsement of Herman Cain)

Fox 35 Orlando | September 18, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf interviewed regarding statements made by Palm Beach Commissioner Burt Aaronson that Republicans should "go to jail.")

SaintPetersblog | Florida's Top Political Tweeters for September| September 1, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf named top ranked political person on Twitter in Florida)
RedState | Insiders say Adam Hasner favored to win GOP FL-Sen nomination | July 6, 2011 (article written by Sarah Rumpf published on RedState front page)

Jenny Erikson Radio Show | July 6, 2011 (Appearance by Sarah Rumpf to discuss conservative political background and analysis of Casey Anthony verdict)

SaintPetersblog | Florida's Top Political Tweeters for July | June 30, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf named top ranked political person on Twitter in Florida)

Winter Park/Maitland Observer | Diebel's early bid for Congress | June 22, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf quoted regarding 2012 Congressional race)

Ray Junior Show | Sarah Rumpf interview | June 7, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf interviewed regarding conservative politics and the 2012 Republican Florida Senate campaign)

WKMG Local 6 | Flashpoint | April 10, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf as featured guest on Sunday morning political roundtable TV program regarding budgetary issues and proposed bills during 2011 Florida Legislative Session)

From the Right Radio | Ashley Sewell | May 25, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf discussed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the U.S., Barack Obama's comment that Israel should return to the "pre-1967 borders," and provided historical analysis)

Ed Dean Radio | May 17, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf provided political commentary regarding Florida Senate race)

WKMG Local 6 | Flashpoint | Feb. 6, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf debated former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder regarding President Obama's State of the Union speech and Governor Scott's relationship with the media)

POLITICO | David Catanese | Florida Senate hopeful looking to follow Marco Rubio's lead | April 25, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf, an early Marco Rubio backer, quoted regarding Adam Hasner's Florida Senate campaign and the parallels with Rubio's 2010 race)

WKMG Local 6 | Flashpoint | Nov. 7, 2011 (Sarah Rumpf and Orange County Democratic Party Chair Jeremiah Jaspon discussed 2010 election results)

Ed Dean Radio | Nov. 1, 2010 (Sarah Rumpf discussed election predictions)

Ed Dean Radio | Oct. 8, 2010 (Sarah Rumpf discussed the Florida Senate race, the Orange County Mayor's race, and free speech issues related to the Westboro Baptist Church protests at military funerals)

Ed Dean Radio | Oct. 1, 2010 (Sarah Rumpf provided commentary regarding Alan Grayson's political attack ads, the role of independent voters, Charlie Crist's Florida Senate campaign, and other issues related to the 2010 elections)

Salon | Nancy Scola | Alan Grayson's Plan: Break the Rules and Survive | July 28, 2010 ("[C]onservative Florida activist, Sarah Rumpf, an active player in Republican politics," discussed Alan Grayson's "bumpy interactions with constituents.")

Orlando Sentinel | Lamar's campaign financing is proper | Oct. 3, 2008 (op-ed written by Sarah Rumpf regarding campaign finance and ethical issues related to State Attorney's race)  

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