Monday, September 21, 2015

Sarah Unleashed

As I wrote last week, I've moved on from Breitbart and I'm now contributing at several different sites now.

I'll have some more news to share soon but wanted to thank all of my followers who have cheered me on and continued to read my work at other sites. I also wanted to make sure you saw some of my latest work, in case you missed it.

I've been hanging out at a Starbucks today, keeping myself highly caffeinated and typing away. There will be several more pieces coming under my byline from various corners of the internet soon, so stay tuned.

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I contributed to a debate round up with several of the other Opportunity Lives writers. I wrote up a little snippet about Rubio and Fiorina. Check it out here:

Reactions to the Second GOP Presidential Debate

If you'd like more debate discussion, Opportunity Lives Senior Writer Ellen Carmichael has an excellent post about the 20 debate questions that she'd like to hear the candidates answer.

Today, I had my first post published at The Daily Beast with a critique of some of Ann Coulter's recent controversial comments:

Ann Coulter Broke My Heart

I've gotten a lot of responses on that article, and it sounds like I wrote what a lot of my conservative friends were thinking. Coulter hasn't responded yet (other than tweeting that her tweets "were lied about," which still doesn't contradict my point) but we'll see.

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