Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama: Most. Childish. Campaign. Ever.

Fresh off their trivial, demeaning, and completely creepy "ladyparts" and "your first time" ads, the Obama campaign is now seeking inspiration from the kindergarten playground for today's message.

Wow. Mitt Romney, sitting on a chair wearing a dunce cap, with the caption, "Sums it up." I'm surprised they didn't just say he was a "stupidhead" or a "poo-poo-face" or any of the other creative little insults that six year olds are so talented at creating.

If you click on the image on the Tumblr page, it takes you to another page with the image again and the following text:

Romney’s foreign policy record is extraordinarily lack-luster; America needs to work in specifics, not generalities. We cannot trust his heavy hand in dealing with nuances of international diplomacy.
Ah, yes, the nuances

It can be difficult work to decipher the nuances of foreign policy issues, like when our CIA specifically requested help for our consulate in Benghazi that was getting attacked, and then when they asked for help again, and then a third time.

I'm sure that was confusing. Only a brilliantly nuanced mind would be able to ignore and deny such specific requests for help to save American lives. 

Getting past the nuanced topic of Americans being murdered by terrorists, you'd think the Obama campaign would be more careful about using images of chairs


  1. A few days ago, Obama said that he can't do eighth-grade math. Now he's saying that his rival, a Harvard JD/MBA with years of experience running companies and balancing budgets, is an idiot?

    What next, saying that Tiger Woods is a bad golfer? That Mike Phelps can't swim?

  2. i'm surprised they didn't just draw romney in KKK robes.

    or maybe that's for next week.


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