Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain Origami!

I love stuff like this. There's a website called "Nerds4Cain" that has created a fun origami crane pattern with Herman Cain's logo, and posted instructions so you can make one yourself:

According to the blog post, the idea is to make these little paper cranes as "a device to get people talking about Herman Cain. So, fold a crane, put it out where people can see it, and when people ask about it, start talking about Herman Cain."

As far as the whole "Nerds 4 Cain" idea, here's what the site's author had to say:

It’s vital the next president, unlike President Obama, not be mentally stuck in the last century—a century that believed in a big, centralized government; that believed society and the direction of the country could be managed from the top-down by either an individual or an elitist group of “intellectual experts” (who, more often than not, were neither intellectual nor experts). We need someone that can look to the future; we need someone who grasps the information age and all it implies; we need a nerd.

Consider the following facts about Herman Cain:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Mathematician for the Navy (missile ballistics, literally a rocket scientist)
  • Data systems analyst for Coca-Cola
  • Various IT positions at Pillsbury, culminating with VP in charge of corporate data systems
  • All accomplished before the age of 35

To me, that screams nerd.

Before he was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, before he was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, before he was a bestselling author and leadership guru, and before he was on the radio, Herman Cain was a nerd.
...Never underestimate a nerd. Nerds are already the dominant force of the 21st century. We’ve demonstrated too many times we can get it done when nobody else can; get it done in a way nobody else even dreamed of; and get it done starting with nothing but an idea. We’re going to change the political world by putting a nerd in the White House: Herman Cain.
Sounds good to me!

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