Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mitt Romney's Problem: Being Mitt Romney

Here is The Daily Show's Jon Stewart doing a viciously efficient job of highlighting the weaknesses in Mitt Romney's candidacy:

There's an especially brutal part at the two minute mark where Stewart reads from a State of the State address Romney gave as Governor of Massachusetts and then plays a video of Obama using almost the exact same words. Other juicy quotes:
The only obstacle to Mitt Romney winning next year's Republican nomination is that up until very, very recently, he was the antithesis of everything Republicans stand for.
Yes, Mitt Romney has a little bit of a win the Republican nomination, he has to convince Republican voters that he's not actually Mitt Romney.
[On Romney's flip-flop on abortion] Yeah, I'm pro-life, as in "Hey, I lied before, that's life!"
Where in the world, Mitt Romney, are you middle class? You're not middle class at a reunion of your Harvard Business School colleagues. You wouldn't be middle class at an OPEC meeting.
I guess it's nice to know, even if Republican voters know who the real Mitt Romney is, Mitt Romney doesn't.
[Hat tip: RedState]

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