Monday, October 3, 2011

From Left to Right

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again: one of my favorite things about going to conservative conferences is meeting so many other passionate conservative activists and bloggers. One of the new people I met at CPAC Florida last month was Brandon Darby, a former leftist organizer who is now a conservative.

Darby has a very interesting life story and earned notoriety for his role as an FBI informant stopping radical leftist plots, including one to bomb the 2008 RNC Convention. He is still active as an activist, just on the conservative/tea party side now, and writes for Andrew Breitbart's website.

Darby shared some of his experiences and how he made the philosophical journey from left to right at a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation during CPAC Florida (video below the jump):

YouTube | VelocityPatriot | Brandon Darby Americans for Prosperity Part 1

YouTube | VelocityPatriot | Brandon Darby Americans for Prosperity Part 2

YouTube | VelocityPatriot | Brandon Darby Americans for Prosperity Part 3
So, I'm fighting back, I'm defending law enforcement, and I'm trying to use the experiences that I've gained from the left, and I'm trying to continue to help people. For about a year, I had to sit there and take that [the abuse and attacks from the left], and then I got a phone call from Andrew Breitbart, and that's how we met. And he said "Thank you," and I said, "you're welcome." And he said, "Why don't you tell your side of the story?"  And I said, "I do, man! They won't print my side of the story!" And he said, "Well, you  can print it on my websites if you want." And that's how that started...
You can follow Darby on Twitter at @brandondarby and check out his organization at

Good articles by Darby at
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Here's my interview with Andrew Breitbart and review of his book Righteous Indignation from back in April, which discusses some of the concepts that Darby mentioned in his speech at CPAC:
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