Monday, October 10, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for October 10, 2011

Today, we have a special "Häagen-Dazs" edition of morning coffee reading for you, serving up a nice generous scoop of stories and videos featuring THE Herman Cain that you may have missed last week:

THE VILLAGES - The Republican presidential race has already seen the rise and fall in the polls of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. But the latest polling phenom, Herman Cain, insisted Wednesday that he has staying power.
"Unlike some of the other flavors of the week, I am Hagen-Dazs black walnut with substance," Cain said as he kicked off a national book tour here.
"That's the difference -- substance in terms of my economic growth and jobs plan, substance in terms of how I want to fix Social Security. Many of the other candidates are just talking generically about 'We need to fix it.' I am talking specifically about how we fix it, and that's what's resonating."
St. Petersburg Times | Aaron Sharockman | Herman Cain, the surging presidential candidate, stops to sell a few books

"They don't know my schedule. They don't know my strategy," said Cain, 65. "The perception that we're not campaigning is ridiculous."
Supporters who crammed between Barnes & Noble's travel and Japanese comic sections hoping to meet Cain didn't seem to mind.
"This is just as effective," said Tom Davis, 48, of St. Petersburg. "At campaign stops, you don't always get to shake a hand. Sometimes that's better than just a speech."
State Rep. Scott Plakon, a supporter who traveled with Cain, said that the book tour was scheduled when Cain was polling at 5 percent and that it would have been wrong for Cain to cancel.
"If you're 5 percent in the polls, this a great idea," said Plakon, a Longwood Republican. "But I think it works now, too. He's getting votes as we speak."

Our poor corrupt democrat-media complex…
They have absolutely no idea how to handle Herman Cain and his success.
CNN’s Candy Crowley challenged Republican Herman Cain for not being an angry black victim. She pounded him with question after question on why he should be outraged at the inherent racism of our society. Herman Cain wouldn’t bite. He was brilliant.

Washington Times | Herman Cain | Economic crisis requires real tax reform (Op-ed written by Mr. Cain about his tax reform proposals):

Between now and Election Day, President Obama will have to create 8 million jobs just to tie for last place with the previous worst recovery since the Great Depression. Meanwhile, Americans are rightly demanding dramatic overhauls to get this country back on its feet. What does the president do? He doubles down on his philosophy of continuing the beatings until morale improves.
My fellow presidential candidates, to varying degrees, have been tinkering around the edges. With all due respect, you don’t prune weeds — you pull them out at the roots.
Leave it to a politician to start with the current tax code and then move a step or two in the right direction. Leave it to a real businessman to start with what is right and get there immediately...
The Right Scoop | Glenn Beck interviews The Herman Cain
I know we’ve been seeing a lot of Herman Cain lately but he deserves all of the new attention he’s been getting. And today he showed up on Beck’s radio show for a two-segment interview. Considering that this is Beck and Cain, it’s very entertaining and a great interview for Cain:

The Hill | Cain grabs the Values Voters spotlight
While all the GOP presidential candidates received warm welcomes Friday at the Value Voter Summit, none of them were greeted with such a frenzy of excitement as Herman Cain.
The audience at this convention for socially conservative voters leaped to their feet time and again, screaming and chanting along with the businessman who just weeks ago was largely unknown to voters, but has now climbed to the top tier of candidates in the presidential race.
"Let me tell you what the American people are saying. They don't care about a kajillion dollars. America wants to raise some Cain, not raise more money," Cain said.
The line for Cain's post-speech book signing snaked along the hallway as hundreds waited for a moment with the former Godfather's Pizza CEO. One woman held five copies of "This Is Herman Cain: My Journey To The White House." Cain said people had pointed out that the title of his autobiography was a bold statement.
"I know it is. I put it on there for a reason, because I'm going to the White House," he said as his audience roared...

Real Clear Politics | Fireworks: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's Hostile Interview with Herman Cain (Video at link)

Lawrence O'Donnell tries to pit Herman Cain as anti-black and a draft dodger in a bizarre interview that didn't seem have to a point other than to attack Mr. Cain. However, the GOP presidential candidate remained poised throughout. 

Mr. Cain worked for the Navy in the field of ballistics during the war. Lawrence O'Donnell? He received a deferment since he was attending college...

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