Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Warrior Redux

Erick Erickson has an excellent post over at RedState this morning, calling Herman Cain a "happy warrior:"

...the GOP does not have to lose to Barack Obama. They can turn it around. But to beat Barack Obama, the GOP is going to have to offer up something. That something needs to connect with American nostalgia. 
The anger on stage at the CNN debate might fire up the base and it might drag it out for Mitt Romney, but voters are ready to return to an era of happy warriors brimming with optimism and a vision of the country that is positive, not premised on American decline... 
This is why Herman Cain resonates. This is why 999 and its utter simplicity resonates. 
As a society, regardless of party, we’ve made our lives too damn difficult. It is not easy to file your taxes. It is not easy to start a business. The byzantine structure of the tax code, the bureaucracy, the regulations, and so on have complicated our lives needlessly... 
And people, subconsciously or consciously, are trying to turn back the clock. They want to get back to a time that was less complicated, maybe a little more raw, but filled with the wild west spirit of optimism and hard work that saw each horizon as something to be crossed to a better tomorrow. 
Right now, only Herman Cain really expresses that time... 
The Republican who should be the nominee and who can beat Barack Obama is the Republican who can tap that Reagan like optimism in this country and also the Reagan like moral outrage at the condition we find ourselves in — an outrage driven by conviction in a better way and a better set of principles rooted in freedom. 
Right now, from the President to the rest of the field save Cain, they are saying the words, but they sound angry and defeatist. They say America’s best days are ahead of us like they think we really are in decline. 
Right now, America just needs someone with a warm smile, a heavy amount of indignation at where Washington has led us, and a vision and real hope for a better tomorrow. The candidate who delivers that will win. We need a happy warrior.
I highly recommend you read Erick's entire post...and then also check out what I wrote a few weeks ago:
Sunshine State Sarah | Herman Cain: Happy Warrior 
This "Happy Warrior," Herman Cain, has impressed me...
Great minds think alike, hmmm? ;) 

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