Sunday, October 23, 2011

Those Crazy Racist Southern Republicans Did It Again!

In case you missed it, Bobby Jindal, the Republican Governor of Louisiana, was reelected last night.

"Landslide" hardly begins to cover it - Jindal captured 66% of the vote and his nearest competitor only 18%, plus eight other candidates with 5% or less. Full election results available here.

I met Jindal at a campaign rally for Rick Scott's gubernatorial campaign last year, and was very impressed with his intelligence and sincerity. Watching Jindal's strong leadership during the Gulf oil spill, you could tell he cares deeply for the people of his state and that he was really affected by the environmental and economic devastation caused by the spill.

And, oh, by the way...notice how all those evil racist Southern Republicans voted to reelect an Indian guy? Those crazy racists, they keep voting for candidates like Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott in South Carolina, and Florida's own Marco Rubio and Allen West. And then there's all those racists who are propelling Ted Cruz to the top of the Texas Senate race and keep voting for Herman Cain at the straw polls

Hmmm. Maybe Janeane Garofalo can explain it to me?

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  1. Jindal and Rubio, the "strong bench" of the GOP.

    I remember Jindal's debut a few years ago on prime time, when he responded to Obama's speech-- and everybody laughed at him. Rubio has done so well with that great personal story of parents fleeing Communist dictatorship that proved to be... made up.

    These two are not quite as good as the top-flight GOP candidates, of course. They need some seasoning and experience.

    Jindal and Rubio don't yet measure up to the likes of Bachman (a congenital liar); Perry (can't speak in sentences, but can raise money); Cain (a buffoon on a book tour, but hey, willing to be flavor-of-the-month); Santorum (watch out for gay men in the shower!); Gingrich (hoping only to charge more for his speeches next year); and Mittens Romney (the poster boy for flip-flopping).

    All the fine young GOP politicians of color that Sarah mentions, we can expect to see them at the GOP convention. They will front and center, with plenty of face time, in order to convince TV viewers that Republicans are NOT the party of older white people who are afraid of Spanish-speakers and convinced that Obama is a secret agent from Kenya. But they better drop a lot of balloons at the convention, otherwise viewers will see what the party really looks like.

  2. I remember jindal following Obamas state of the union and he quite honestly looked like a damn fool!! I vividly remembering everybody laughing at him because he's so dry and stiff. republicans are so desperate to try con anyone into believing that MANY of them are racist they foolishly try to use jindal as proof!! NONSENSE the republican party will somewhat tolerate anything other than WASP republicans as long as they tow the gop flag. listen republicans if you really aren't the racist EVERYBODY see's you are then stop trying to prove you aren't!!! stop trying to convince people just stop being RACIST!! by the way jindal is eastern indian NOT BLACK THERES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

    1. Shhh, the men in white coats are your friends. They're going to take you to a nice quiet place where you can relax.


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