Friday, October 7, 2011

Herman Cain's lucky numbers, Part III

More positive numbers coming in for Herman Cain (see Part I and Part II):

Herman Cain has opened up a 20 percentage point lead among likely Republican primary voters in the race for the Presidential nomination, and also holds a narrow lead among all likely voters over President Barack Obama.
Cains share of the GOP primary has jumped 10 percentage points since Sept. 26 and is now at 38%. Mitt Romney is second with 18%, followed by both Rick Perry and Ron Paul, at 12% each.
The Oct. 3-5 IBOPE Zogby interactive poll also matches Cain, Romney and Perry against Obama. Cain led Obama, 46%-44%, while Obama is one-point ahead of Romney, 41%-40%, and leads Perry, 45%-40%.


  1. And who says there is no Just God?

  2. Our forefathers intended that our elected officials come from main street USA. They never intended that DC be infested with career politicians. We have diverted so far from their vision of the America they knew and loved.
    That's why I support Herman Cain.


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