Friday, October 7, 2011

Herman Cain on Red Eye: "The Cain Train Has Gone Insane!"

Herman Cain has had a whirlwind of a week, juggling his book tour and dozens of media appearances every day. Here he is on the Fox News show Red Eye:

YouTube | Herman Cain on "RedEye"

There's a great quote near the beginning of the interview, when host Greg Gutfeld asks Cain about his recent surge to the top of the polls and asks him, "Has the Cain Train gone insane?"
That's a good way to put it. The Cain Train has gone insane. Because here's the thing: once people get on the Cain Train, they don't get off.
I've heard Cain make similar comments recently that his supporters don't defect. Now, I'm not a fancy polling company, but based on what I've seen as I've traveled around Florida this year, and the feedback I'm seeing from grassroots conservatives nationwide, there may be something to that.

Nearly everyone with whom I've discussed Cain's candidacy has always started by saying "I like him!" It used to be "Oh, I like him, I wish he could win." Now, it's turned into "I like him, and I'm so excited to see him doing well."

That's what I think a lot of the pundits are missing: Cain supporters didn't discover him all of a sudden two weeks ago. They've liked him for months, but didn't think he could compete with Romney and Perry's money and name recognition. Now that he's proven to be a viable candidate, they are really happy about it.

This interview also emphasizes another aspect of Cain's appeal: what I described a week ago as his "Happy Warrior" personality. Americans want a President who takes our country's problems seriously, but who also has the strong character and optimistic outlook to lead the fight. Gutfeld remarks that it looks like Cain is having fun, and asks him if he expected this success. Cain responds, "Yes, I am [having fun]." and that he always knew he would do well, it just happened sooner than he expected.

Cain also discusses the past GOP debates, Chris Christie's decision not to run, some of the recent racist liberal attacks against him, his book tour, and strategy regarding the use of deterrent force against Iran.

Don't miss the part at the 5:45 mark where Cain confirms that, yes, in fact, he was a rocket scientist.


  1. Have you mentioned that Zogby has Cain up 2% over Obama?

  2. None of the other candidates will be left standing after MSM and the TOTUS get done with them.
    None except Cain and Newt. Newt won't win GE.

    If you think they did a job on Palin YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!
    This is going to be a ACORN ,SEIU , UNION, BLACK PANTHER , SOROS HOLLYWOOD, WALL STREET, Chicago billion dollar WAR!!!!
    Our candidate will have 90% of MSM and print media after him day after day. 24/7.
    Cain has the best chance of it back firing and working to his favor. Can't use racism. Can't use class warfare (too much).


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