Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is George LeMieux really reconsidering the Dream Act?

Last month, in a post titled "Reality check on LeMieux's 'conservative' voting record," I wrote:
...What we have with LeMieux's time in the Senate is someone who knew he was being closely watched by conservatives and intended to run for office in the near future, but still couldn't be counted on to vote a consistently conservative line...
Do we really think we can rely on George LeMieux to fight for conservative principles? Do we really believe he will stand strong against not only the Democrats, but also the Republicans in Congress who seek dangerous, ill-advised "compromises?"
Regardless of whether the Republicans regain the White House or not, Congress is going to have to tackle some extremely challenging issues in the next few years, and we will need staunch conservatives with backbones of steel to lead the way. I do not have confidence that George LeMieux fits that definition.
Well, despite LeMieux's best efforts to pretend that he's the "proven conservative" in the Florida Senate race, a leopard can't shed his spots...
...But now it appears that LeMieux has softened his position on the Dream Act, entertaining the notion that it could be “achievable” if people pulled together-

"I think that we can do something about the Dream Act, if you can pair it with border security. I think that is something that can be done, and is achievable if people will work together." -George LeMieux
Say what? Did LeMieux learn nothing from the backlash Governor Rick Perry received at Presidency 5 from his comments in support of giving in-state tuition to children of illegal immigrants?

Apparently not. Sunshine State News reached out to LeMieux, and his spokeswoman Anna Nix issued a statement that "[o]nce our border is secure, we can determine what to do with the people here illegally, including the children who are here due to no illegal act of their own." 

"The children who are here due to no illegal act of their own?" Sigh...

Remember, in 2010, LeMieux had to be dragged away from voting for the Dream Act. And sadly, it looks like the intense lobbying by the opponents of strict immigration reform sunk in, because he's still parroting their talking points. 

The point of this debate is easily twisted, but one thing it is not, is meant to attack children. A commenter named "LDouglas" posted the following comment on the Sunshine State News article:
I appreciate anyone who has a heart for children. But it isn't right to make new laws or not to enforce current laws because of the impact it has on the children of the lawbreakers. Simply put, that's like saying if I broke into your house and stole all the presents for your kids that were under your tree, as long as my kids opened them before I was caught, they should get to keep them. 
That's no way to discourage illegal immigration. Not rewarding them or their children is probably as effective as a fence.
Really, how many people wouldn't steal for their children if they thought there's a possibility at best they'd be rewarded or not punished for it, and at worst, their children would still benefit from it?

Floridians can do better than a Senator who is already pandering to the pro-illegal immigration lobby, with the primary still ten months away.

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