Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adam Hasner wows attendees at the RedState Gathering

Florida Senate candidate Adam Hasner was a featured speaker at last weekend's RedState Gathering, and received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome.

Here's Hasner's speech - a must watch for any Florida conservative:

YouTube | adamhasner | Adam Hasner RedState Gathering 2011

Note Erick Erickson's remarks introducing Hasner:
I endorsed Adam for the Senate...Adam's his own man, and he has his own compelling story, and he has his own record. The media likes to take shortcuts and they say, "oh, he's the next Marco Rubio." No, he's THE Adam Hasner. And he has a phenomenal record of his own to stand on, a phenomenal conservative record in Florida to stand on...
Erickson then goes on to criticize LeMieux for attempting to market himself as a conservative while being anything but:
When you compare [Hasner and LeMieux's] records, there is no comparison. There is only one conservative in the race for the United States Senate in Florida, he has my full-throated support, and his name is Adam Hasner.
My favorite lines from Hasner's speech are where he quipped that George LeMieux trying to run away from Charlie Crist was like Rahm Emmanuel trying to deny his connection to Barack Obama, and that now was "the time for reinforcements, not reinventions."

Remember, every vote that Marco Rubio takes is cancelled out by Bill Nelson right now. The best thing that Florida conservatives can do is send Adam Hasner, the guy who was Rubio's teammate in the Florida House, up to the Senate to be his teammate once again.

Here's a great interview that RedState's Moe Lane did with Hasner right after his speech:

YouTube | MoeLaneIII |RS Gathering 2011: Adam Hasner (R-CAND, FL-SEN PRIMARY)

Adam's wife Jillian attended the RedState Gathering as well, and I got a few good pictures of them. I hope I'm not embarrassing them, but they really are adorable together:

Happy and excited, right before Adam gave his big speech
Awwww. That's cute.
I actually noticed them holding hands several times; Adam likes to take his wife's hand as they walk through crowds. Especially in a time when Washington seems more disconnected from us than ever, it's nice to see a politician who's actually a human being. Call me sappy, I don't care, but it really does warm my heart to see stuff like this.

For more information about Adam Hasner:

Adam Hasner website
Adam Hasner on Facebook
Twitter: @AdamHasner

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  1. FYI I have some more updates from the RedState Gathering to post this week, including more interviews with Adam Hasner and exclusive content from Rick Perry's announcement. Stay tuned!


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