Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for August 30, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
Crowley Political Report | Why Mike McCalister should quit Florida's Senate race
Mike, Mike, Mike. What were you thinking? 
Mike McCalister is a tough talking, retired Army colonel who dreams of winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. His little dream is turning into an embarrassing nightmare.
If you listen to McCalister, it is easy to walk away with the impression that this is one combat hardened, black-ops [savvy], kick-a** son-of-a gun.
Instead, the real McCalister is a lot like the high school football player who later in life talks as if he played in the pros...
  • And then there's that St. Pete Times editorial, posted online last night and in the print edition today, titled "Give him a Purple Heart for paper cuts." Now, I'll be the first one to say that the SPT is no friend to conservatives and this article is, hands down, the most brutal I've seen so far in the 2012 Florida Senate race. 
I'm including the link here for two reasons. First, to have a discussion. For those of you who share my skepticism for McCalister's campaign, do you think this article went too far? Is it satire? Is it fair journalism? Where is the line? Second, for the McCalister supporters who thought I was harsh in what I wrote about him: no, this is harsh:
St. Petersburg Times | Daniel Ruth | Give him a Purple Heart for paper cuts
...McCalister has quickly become the General Halftrack meets Maxwell Smart of Florida politics.
...In fact, McCalister has been commanding a desk for most his military career as a staff member in various assignments where the biggest threat to life and limb was the risk of a paper cut.
Well, there was the Battle of Office Depot, where the colonel waged a valiant defense against wave after wave of copy machine salesmen.
The Sundries Shack | Venn You've Got It, Ezra Klein, You've Got It.
"See those big ears? Still can't hear me." Heh. 
[Hat tip: The Other McCain]
  • Here's some new research showing that, yes, Planned Parenthood is in fact targeting minorities for abortion by placing abortion centers in areas with high minority populations:
LifeNews | Report Proves Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks, Hispanics
  • Another election year, another silly liberal media attempt to call a Republican dumb. Sigh. This time, the target is Rick Perry. Monica Crowley has some excellent commentary on her blog, including a comment that cuts-to-the-heart of the matter: "If [liberals] are so smart, why are their ideas so catastrophically bad?"
MonicaMemo | Dumb and Dumber
  • Surprise, surprise. Obama's Department of Justice is being mean and oppressive to an American business (and still not adequately addressing real problems). Hat tip to Melissa Clouthier for this link:
Obama Fail Blog | Update on Obama's Raid on Gibson Guitar (With Video Transcription)
  • Ben Howe has a post at RedState with some particularly infuriating information about the infamous Obamabuses may have a bigger carbon footprint than previously thought. They're being flown - yes, you read that right, flown - from stop to stop:
RedState | Ben Howe | President Obama has Tour Buses Flown to Stump Speeches
  • Here's an interesting article about U.S. copyright laws and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, which was delivered 48 years ago as of this past Sunday:
MotherBoard | The Copyright Nightmare of "I Have a Dream"
Bieber: I have a snake...
Gomez: Stop! I know! [giggles] ...Alright, what's your snake's name?
Bieber: My snake's name is Johnson.
For the record, Bieber did have some sort of small pet snake in his hand, but the double entendre was still pretty obvious. And, since according to Wikipedia Bieber is still underage, creepy as all heck.

Dan Isett, the Director of Public Policy for the Parents Television Council, issued the following statement:

While nobody should be surprised by MTV’s desperate attempts to maintain some veneer of being about music, this year’s VMAs were a profanity-riddled, cringe-inducing mess. The truth is MTV wants to be known for its scripted programming and last night’s sneak peak at “I Just Want My Pants Back” featured illegal drug use, graphic sex in a refrigerator and a taxi cab, a bikini wax gone wrong...all rated by MTV as appropriate for a 14 year old child. MTV hasn’t learned its lesson from the failure of “Skins,” and it’s high time families aren’t forced to pay for MTV to access the quality programming on cable.
See also: The Daily Caller | Lady Gaga used men's bathrooms for VMA male-impersonation role
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