Tuesday, August 30, 2011

George LeMieux tells the BEST jokes!

I really, really, really love the internet sometimes. I find the funniest stuff on it. (It was awfully nice of Al Gore to invent it for us, wasn't it?)

In the case of politics, some of the funniest stuff is the stuff that candidates themselves put online.

With that in mind, I started pondering a fun little thought yesterday while I was writing this post wishing George LeMieux a happy second anniversary of the day that Governor Oompa Loompa announced he was appointing him to the U.S. Senate:

Sunshine State Sarah | Happy Anniversary to George LeMieux!

So, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Whatever happened to "The LeMieux Report?"
What's that, you say? You haven't heard of The LeMieux Report?! Well, let me refresh your memory!

The LeMieux Report was a weekly newsletter that George LeMieux decided to start publishing (aka "have the junior associates in his law firm spend nonbillable time to create," I assume) in February 2008. And ouch, a little 20/20 hindsight-induced pain: the St. Pete Times reported that LeMieux credited disgraced former RPOF Chair Jim Greer with giving him the idea.

Anyway, The LeMieux Report never managed to establish itself as the "one-page, one-stop shop for business leaders in Florida" that LeMieux had envisioned, perhaps because Florida already had the Sayfie Review? (Although, to be fair, Justin Sayfie did have a five-and-a-half year head start.)

Unfortunately for our entertainment purposes, www.thelemieuxreport.com is no longer an active domain, but do not despair! The LeMieux Report lives on in the world of YouTube...complete with snazzy graphics and an exciting soundtrack! Truly epic stuff, my friends.

Here's a fun little episode from August 25, 2009:

YouTube | LemieuxReport | Lemieux Report Week of 8 24 2009

You know what's fun about that video? It was released just a few days before August 28, 2009. That's the day when Charlie Crist announced that he was picking his chief of staff, his "maestro," his confidante, his buddy, the Bert-to-his-Ernie, George LeMieux, to fill Mel Martinez's empty Senate seat.

Heh. Does LeMieux really expect us to believe that he really, seriously, seriously had no idea that Crist was going to pick him? Go watch the video again and pay attention to the giddy cat-who-just-caught-the-mouse look on LeMieux's face. He can't help himself and tiny little smiles keep popping up as he speaks. You judge for yourself what you think LeMieux knew, as he says these words:
Topic one, who will the Governor choose? Who will Governor Crist appoint to the United States Senate? It's the question everyone's asking. So while we sit back and wait for the announcement, some sitting more anxiously than others, including me, here's the answer to the question we should also be asking...

[LeMieux then gives us the Peppiest. Constitutional. History. Lesson. EVER! as he describes the effects of the 17th Amendment and the Governor's power to fill Senatorial vacancies]
Bottom line, the opportunity to receive an appointment to the United States Senate is the opportunity of a lifetime. The Governor has many good current and former public servants to choose from, and we should find out this week who will represent Florida in Washington.
Eh. Color me skeptical.

And, oh, by the way, the Stolen Valor Task Force and the other veterans whose reputation LeMieux impugned are still waiting for their apologies...

P.S. I am calculating the time by which LeMieux's apology is overdue based on the online publication of this Miami Herald article.

P.P.S. Hello to Team LeMieux. Hope y'all are having a good morning. I know you read this website when I write about your candidate. I've seen you make revisions in reaction to my posts. Some free advice: if you are reading this site enough to know to take down the LeMieux Report YouTube videos, then you have also read enough to know that all this information is out there and LeMieux really has no excuse for not apologizing to the veterans.

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  1. HAHAHAHA that video is great! I can't believe Lemiuex thought that was a good idea. I bet there's high school AV clubs with better video production quality.


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