Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Allan Bense endorses Adam Hasner for Senate

Adam Hasner announced today that he has received the endorsement of Allan Bense, who will serve as Statewide Chair for the Hasner for U.S. Senate Campaign.

Bense previously served as Speaker of the Florida House, and his endorsement is highly sought in Florida:
“Widely respected and often named as a potential statewide candidate, Bense left office in 2006 and returned to his construction business in the Panhandle.” (The St. Petersburg Times, 07/21/11)
“Bense, a Panama City conservative, would be on any GOP candidate's A-list of prized endorsements.” (The St. Petersburg Times, 07/26/06)
“Bense, the former speaker of the state House, is a trusted conservative from the state's Panhandle and has been mentioned for statewide office several times before. (National Republicans tried unsuccessfully to recruit Bense to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson in 2006.)” (The Washington Post, 08/10/09)
“Bense won much praise, even from Democrats, for his statesmanlike leadership of the House, and Gov. Jeb Bush has said Bense would be an 'awesome’ candidate." (The St. Petersburg Times, 06/29/05)
Notably, Bense called out George LeMieux in his statement about the endorsement:
I've known both Adam and George throughout the years, and there's no doubt in my mind that Adam is the principled conservative that Florida Republicans should support. Adam has a long record of standing up for mainstream, conservative principles that no other candidate in this race can match. He's earned a reputation as a fighter and a straight-shooter who sticks to what he believes, no matter which way the political winds blow. I know he'll go to Washington and stand up to both parties when they stray from the common sense, limited-government reforms needed to turn our country around.

It's not enough to elect just any Republican next November. Our Party needs to nominate someone who can fight against the Obama-Nelson agenda and stand shoulder to shoulder with Marco Rubio in the United States Senate. Adam Hasner has the best track record of any candidate on cutting taxes, cutting spending, and fighting for the pro-growth economic policies that we need to create jobs and re-ignite the American economy.
I wanted you to be the first to know our campaign received the endorsement of former Speaker of the House Allan Bense, and that he has agreed to serve as the Chairman of our campaign.

Speaker Bense is a proven limited-government conservative who worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Jeb Bush to advance a mainstream conservative agenda during his time as Speaker of the House.

As a businessman, Allan understands how big government, out-of-control spending, and mountains of foreign debt limit our ability to grow jobs in America.  As a commonsense conservative, he understands that our economy and people flourish when government promotes more freedom by taxing less, spending less and regulating less. I am proud that I got the chance to serve alongside Speaker Bense in the Florida House, and I am honored he is lending his support to our campaign.

Speaker Bense is just the latest conservative leader to join our movement - one that you have been instrumental in helping to create.

The support of grassroots conservatives and conservative leaders across Florida and the country will make the difference in this race.

Together, we will fight the status quo in Washington and save America.

All my best,
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