Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for August 11, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
  • An excellent New York Post column by Kurt Schlichter regarding the announced 2012 film focusing on the raid by the Navy SEALs who successfully killed Osama bin Laden:
New York Post | Kurt Schlichter | Call Off the 'SEALs-ploitation'
  • Looks like the Sunshine State isn't so sunny for Obama:
Real Clear Politics | Obama Faces Headwinds in Florida
Tampa Bay Blog | Fresh Squeezed Politics | Hasner signs term limit pledge, vows only two terms
  • Here's a brutal analysis of the federal budget by @alexkauff, which puts the debt ceiling debate in perspective:
For The Republic! | What Do You See?
  • Republican Congressional candidate Karen Harrington isn't pulling any punches as she sets her sights for Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
NewsMax | Harrington: Wasserman Schultz Anti-GOP Charges 'Absurd'
  • New York Times' op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an unbelievably arrogant and misguided article on the debt ceiling issue. Seriously. It starts out with "Until you read the following news article, we'll be stuck in a world of hurt" and gets worse from there. First of all, this isn't a "news article," it is an opinion piece. Friedman then wanders into a wacky little fantasy world governed by the standard liberal talking's seriously such a mess, you really ought to read it (and then enjoy the giggles at @greggutfeld's post on this article).
New York Times | The Day Our Leaders Got Unstuck

Good quote someone left me on YouTube: "smartest socialist couldn't make socialism work, but dumbest capitalist could make capitalism work."Thu Aug 11 03:58:05 via Twitter for iPad
  • Here's a cool (and free!) opportunity to participate in an online Stanford University class on Artificial Intelligence (hat tip: @MelissaTweets):
IEEE Spectrum | You (YOU!) Can Take Stanford's 'Intro to AI' Course Next Quarter, For Free
  • Depressed by the economic news? Here's something fun (hat tip: @atlasshrugs):
A sample of the very funny stuff at
  • Viciously blunt article on the London riots (hat tip: @TheRickWilson)
Daily Mail | Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters

    YouTube | benhoweblog | Failure of Leadership
    • Some silly fun at Kim Jong-Il's expense (hat tip: @IMAO_ and @krankor):
    Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things
    • And, some silly fun at Al Sharpton's expense (this will explain why you may be seeing the phrase "Resist we much" on Twitter and Facebook):
    Anthropocon | Join Reverend Al's Resistance Movement!

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