Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yeah, it's fun to say "I told you so."

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, Marco Rubio gave a pretty epic speech at the Reagan Library Tuesday evening...

Get this man a cape.
...right after he saved Nancy Reagan from a potentially nasty fall as a warm-up act.

As my friend Frank Torres quipped on his blog,
I’m surprised that they didn’t ask him to pull a sword out of a stone afterwards.
So, yeah, Marco Rubio is showing extremely high levels of awesomeness.

And, yeah, those of us who supported Rubio from the beginning can't help but feel pretty darn proud.

As a fun little look back, check out this post from Stephen Kruiser back in October 2010, gleefully rejoicing at how very, very wrong the media was in predicting how last year's Senate race would turn out:

Big Journalism | Stephen Kruiser | Remember How Marco Rubio Was Going to Ruin the GOP in Florida (And Everywhere Else)?

And again, I repeat my point from a few days ago: Marco Rubio is fantastic in the Senate. He'd also be a wonderful asset as a running mate for the eventual Republican Presidential nominee. I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually runs for President himself. But whether Senator, Vice President, or President, we know that Rubio will be one of the best fighters we have for the conservative cause. No matter what, we can't lose. 

Have you signed up for CPAC FL yet? Marco Rubio is one of the confirmed speakers. We all know the man gives a great speech, so you know you're gonna enjoy being there. Just sayin'...

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