Friday, August 19, 2011

A Little Sugar 'n' Snark from the L.A. Times

One of my favorite things about attending events like CPAC and the RedState Gathering is the opportunity to hang out with other conservative bloggers and journalists. (By the way, have you signed up for CPAC Florida yet? Get to it!)

This guy rocks.
Last weekend, at the RedState Gathering, I got to meet Andrew Malcolm, who writes the "Top of the Ticket" blog for the L.A. Times. (Yes, the L.A. Times managed to hire a smart conservative. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...)

Back in January, I linked to one of Malcolm's blog posts about the national debt:
Sunshine State Sarah | Here's what one second of national debt looks like
Malcolm was nice enough to send an email thanking me "for the link and nice mention" in that post, which I thought was incredibly gracious. I mean, I've just got my little corner of the internet here, he's with one of the biggest news organizations in the country, and he is sending me a thank you note for linking to him? Wow. That's really cool.

Anyway, my friend and fellow Minority Report blogger Susannah Fleetwood (follow her on Twitter @susannah72) and I hung out with Malcolm for awhile last Saturday evening and had a great time swapping stories. He gave me permission to share this joke:
Barack Obama walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender said, "Hey, cool. Does he speak?"
The parrot replied, "Unfortunately, not very well without a teleprompter."
Heh. I don't care if it's nice, that's funny.

Don't miss Malcolm's post about his chat with Rick Perry before the announcement:
Los Angeles Times | Top of the Ticket | Rick Perry joins the GOP Fray: 'This is gonna be a fun ride!'

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