Thursday, August 25, 2011


Oh, what an interesting day.

At 7:29 am Wednesday morning, I hit "Publish Post" on this:
Sunshine State Sarah | Connections between Mike McCalister and Doug Guetzloe? a cup of coffee and waited...and waited...

...and waited...

I mean, surely, Colonel Mike McCalister would have something, something, to say in response, right? Right?

There's no way that McCalister, the self-proclaimed "National Tea Party Star," would join forces with Doug Guetzloe, the guy who spent 2010 threatening tea party movement groups and activists around Florida, the guy who helped organize a third party political party that was designed to split conservative votes and make it easier for Democrats to win, the guy who was repeatedly tied to liberal bomb-thrower Alan Grayson?

Of course the campaign will have a response. There's some excuse. There's some explanation. I mean, McCalister's excuse for the whole "I-testified-before-Congress-except-I-didn't" kerfuffle was that he had a "bad memory." Was that it?

I'm sure the McCalister campaign will have some sort of excuse for working with a guy like Guetzloe: "We're new to politics and didn't know any better." "We don't have Google." "No, seriously, we don't have Google."


Well, maybe they were distracted by other things. Maybe they didn't have time to check out my little corner of the internet.

Oh. Hmmm. Look at this. Seems they have seen my little corner of the internet:

How does @AdamHasner defend is record? By attacking his opponents online ad locations #FLsen #tcot #graspingatstrawsWed Aug 24 15:24:21 via web
(And yes, that's the same Jason Sager who stars in this little video. Thank you thank you thank you thank you the Colonel has to use the restroom thank you thank you thank you...)

Gosh. That was hours ago.


No answer. No response. No excuse. No clarification. No "I misspoke." No "bad memory."

Nothing from Sager. Nothing from McCalister. Nothing on the campaign website. No press releases sent to the paper. No emails sent to any of my accounts. No phone calls. The ads haven't been taken down from Guetzloe's websites.

The only responses anywhere are a few funny little personal insults thrown my way by Guetzloe and some accusations by Sager & Co. that I'm getting paid to write...

...but not one word denying, attacking, refuting, clarifying, or explaining anything that I wrote this morning.

Not. One. Word.

1) I'm not on Hasner payroll. 2) Even if I got a million $, no one's even tried 2 refute what I've written. What's McCalister's explanation?Thu Aug 25 01:26:27 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Haven't heard a peep from McCalister's people. If he hadn't intentionally worked w/Guetzloe would've denied at some point today. #justsayinThu Aug 25 02:49:48 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

...and so I wait...


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