Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Ugliness From Convicted Criminal Doug Guetzloe and his Thugs

Jason Hoyt and other members of the actual tea party movement (as opposed to the Florida Tea Party Fake Tea Party) held a press conference today at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office, denouncing Doug Guetzloe and his minions for their activities with their third party, and their ties to Alan Grayson.

Here is a link to Jason's remarks this morning.  I encourage you to read it in its entirety.

Unfortunately, as often happens when you take on Doug Guetzloe, it gets messy.  Guetzloe showed up at the press conference with some of the Fake Tea Party candidates (I know  Peg Dunmire and Jim "Heinie" Heinzelman were there) and also several young tough looking guys.

Guetzloe and his thugs yelled insults at Jason and others during the press conference, harassed the tea party movement activists in attendance, pushed around members of the press, and I have a report that Doug himself said some very hateful words to a handicapped man who was there to support the tea party movement.

Here is a video Jason Hoyt took right after he finished his remarks.  You'll see Local 6 WKMG's Tony Pipitone attempting to question Guetzloe, while one of Guetzloe's goons puts his hands in front of the camera, pushes the cameraman, and yells.

Local 6 will be running a story on all this tonight.  

Here's more coverage on the connection between the Grayson ads and Doug Guetzloe:

Doug Guetzloe is clearly getting desperate, and unfortunately it seems he may be dancing on the edge of becoming dangerous.  Today's altercation is only the latest example of Guetzloe's thuggery, threats, and nasty tactics.  

How Dunmire, Heinzelman, and rest of the Fake Tea Party candidates can continue to work with this convicted criminal and witness his unethical tactics, and then turn around and claim that they are just conservatives looking to reform government confuses the heck out of me.  Unbelievable.  

UPDATE:  Here's the Orlando Sentinel coverage of today's events.   
UPDATE: Here's Tom Tillison's discussion at Orlando Political Press.   Tom was there in person and saw all of the ugly, nasty behavior by Guetzloe and his goons, including the despicable attack on a handicapped man.

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