Sunday, June 27, 2010

You know your candidate stinks when...

Interesting analysis from Peter Schorsch at SaintPetersblog on the Florida Senate race...

I think I understand what Peter is saying here as a general concept, but what sticks out in my mind are two things:

1) Wow, the D candidates really stink, huh? How bad must you be when even those who you should be able to count on as your base are voting for you not in real support for your candidacy, but only as an attempt at damage control?   Sad. Just sad.

2) I'm prouder than ever to have endorsed and donated to Marco Rubio in June 2009. His message from the beginning has been that he's a conservative, he's running for the Republican nomination, and looks forward to facing the Democrat nominee in November. Nothing has changed.

Any Democrat who is voting for Crist is just as much of a sellout political opportunist as Charlie. I'm not voting for Kendrick Meek, but he seems like a nice enough guy and has certainly paid his dues to your party.

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