Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunshine State Sarah Mobile edition

Some of y'all are reading this site on iPhones, Blackberries, and other mobile phones (I've checked the site on my Blackberry several times myself), so I've been looking into options to provide a mobile version of Sunshine State Sarah.

I'm fairly computer savvy but by no means an expert (there's a reason my sites are all on Blogger and not WordPress!), and my lack of experience with html and CSS is really showing here.  I've been looking into some of the mobile website conversion options like Mofuse and Mobify, and just ended up with a headache.    

Fortunately, the Google Reader application is very easy to operate.  I've set up a link with the Sunshine State Sarah RSS feed to go through Google Reader here: 

It just lists posts from this blog in chronological order and lets you read the complete post, including pictures.  Embedded videos don't show up but I think I can work around that by also posting a link in the text of the post, since I know I can access YouTube, etc. on my Blackberry.  There's also a permanent link titled "MOBILE-FRIENDLY VIEW" on the right column of this page.  I tested it on my phone and it worked fine. 

Anyway, I'd appreciated your feedback on this mobile link - I know it works on my Blackberry Bold, but I'd like to hear what the experience is like on other phones.   Also, if anyone has any advice on creating a full mobile version of this site, I'd love to hear it, because I'd eventually like to do that.  Thanks!

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