Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maybe we'll get some answers now

Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer was arrested this morning, charged with four counts grand theft, one count of organizing a scheme to defraud, and one count money laundering.  


I didn't have a major problem with Jim Greer until this past year.  The blatant and shameless attempts to hand the U.S. Senate race to Charlie Crist (who had hand-picked Greer to be his RPOF Chair) without a primary contest, followed by the way the RPOF Amex records were leaked in a way engineered to hurt Marco Rubio as much as possible...then the revelations about the absolutely insane spending by party leaders just left me feeling both saddened and extremely angry.

My sincere hope is that this investigation will get to the truth quickly so the party can move on.  It's demotivating for the grassroots party workers who do the day-to-day local work to get Republicans elected when the party leadership is in the headlines every day for a series of seemingly-unending scandals.

Good ol' Charlie is claiming shock and surprise over Greer's arrest, and attempting to wash his hands of the whole thing.  “I think it’s obviously disappointing and surprising."  Yeah, ok, Charlie.  You had no idea anything weird was going on at all.  We believe you.  And yes, that tan does look natural.

Current RPOF Chairman John Thrasher issued this response to Charlie:
I don’t think you can walk away from the fact that this guy was at one time your best buddy in politics, that you relied on day-in and day-out, and now say that because he’s been indicted "I never had anything to do with it,"...I don’t think you can walk away from it.
As expected, the comments section on the Orlando Sentinel article and various other blogs are showing a high level of nastiness and petty insults.  We've also got the obligatory formerly-powerful-person-now-crash-landing-into-reality mugshot:


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