Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mike Huckabee on Obama looking for an a** to kick

On his Huckabee TV show tonight, Mike Huckabee mentioned that he was offended by President Obama saying that he was looking for an a** to kick - not so much because of the profanity (he said he'd heard worse), but instead because of the arrogance and ineptitude that statement revealed:
Ronald Reagan was often maligned because he was an actor who became President, but I believe that's a whole lot better than being a President who has become an actor - playing the role in make believe but not understanding that the real job is not delivering lines from the teleprompter, but delivering a solution.
The more I hear about our government and BP refusing help from other countries and people here with good ideas (anyone who has watched Hannity or Huckabee this week has seen several solutions that are not being used), ignoring the desperate pleas from the governments of the Gulf States (Bobby Jindal especially comes to mind), the angrier I get.  

I'm sitting here right now watching Huckabee chat with several guys from Ft. Walton Beach with the sweetest Southern accents (one guy is even wearing overalls, love it!) showing how very easy it is to absorb oil with hay and recycled carpet fibers.  These guys aren't scientists.  They haven't won any Nobel prizes.  They just know farming, construction, fishing, etc. and they care about our beaches.  

Why is BP continuing to ignore these ideas?  Why is the White House looking for an a** to kick instead of getting boots on the ground to protect our beaches?  Is it because Obama knows he's never going to get electoral votes in Louisiana?  Is it anti-Southern prejudice?  Is it ignorance or ineptitude?  I want answers!

Our economy is still in trouble.  Wasn't the stimulus supposed to create jobs?  I know a lot of the stimulus funds are still unallocated and unspent.  Why can't we use that to hire temporary workers to work on assembling berms, rescuing wildlife, and cleaning the beaches?  

It's one thing to tax our economy off the cliff or enact an unconstitutional health care bill we can't afford, but the horrifying destruction of our beautiful Gulf coast beaches and wetlands and the complete lack of action and leadership from the White House is absolutely unforgivable.   


  1. The longer this debacle drags on, the more I believe that the Obama administration is in bed with Big Oil because they want this crisis as a reason to push through the Cap and Trade bill. Why else would Obama do a 180 turn on what he said in his campaign and end up endorsing MORE drilling?

    Obama and his alcolytes can be the front men and let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do the heavy lifting in Congress to get this disastrous bill passed. Nothing is ever as it seems. Obama doesn't want this mess cleaned up too soon or else Congress won't be able to get Cap and Trade passed.

  2. "was offended by President Obama saying that he was looking for an a** to kick - not so much because of the profanity (he said he'd heard worse), "

    That's not profanity. It's obscenity.

    Profanity is treating sacred things as commonplace, like saying, "OMG" or "Oh, Lordy!".


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