Friday, June 11, 2010

Shame on you, Charlie Crist, shame on you

Sad to report that Governor Crist vetoed HB 1143 earlier today. 

His stated reasoning was that ultrasounds and similar measures "do not change hearts, which is the only true and effective way to ensure that a new life coming into the world is loved, cherished, and receives the care that is deserved."

What a load of

I believe that we are all God's creations and therefore all new life is already loved.  And as someone who was lucky enough to be adopted by my wonderful parents, and knowing other friends who are adopted or who have adopted children of their own, I can hardly put into words how wrong and very, very  hurtful the Governor's words are here.  There are so many loving families who want nothing more than to provide a loving home for an "unwanted" child, and who would willingly pay for the birth mother's medical bills and provide her with care, love, and support.

We all saw this coming.  Charlie's been desperately chasing after the polls like a puppy after a tennis ball, and removed all pro-life messages from his website earlier this week.  Still, seeing it in print is especially shocking, and the hurtful way he chose to phrase it, just saddens me.  

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  1. I remember when Al Gore was pro-life. This kind of sellout is nauseating.


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