Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Charlie Crist flakes out again

Pathetic, just pathetic.

Now that our Oompa Loompa Governor no longer has to pretend to be a Republican, the swing to his true liberal beliefs has begun.  See the below post from Michelle Malkin about Charlie scrubbing pro-life statements from his website:

Word on the street is that Charlie is most likely going to veto HB1143, and that either way he's going to announce some sort of decision by the end of the week.  If you support this bill, please contact the Governor IMMEDIATELY at 850-488-7146 (leave a message or call first thing in the morning) or

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  1. No surprise here. Goodtime Charlie will change his beliefs as frequently as he changes his shirt. I voted for him and have regreted it ever since. He's a pure opportunist through and through. He's no more a Democrat than he was a Republican. "Whatever it takes" is his family motto!


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