Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Emotional torture? Good.

After my post earlier on DADT, I just figured I'd make today "Sarah Blogs About Controversial Stuff and Sees How Many People She Can Tick Off At Once" day...anyway...watch out, here's some very strongly pro-life opinions coming your way...

Many of the opponents to the HB 1143, the bill that prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions and requires pregnant women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion, argue that requiring an ultrasound is wrong because it's "emotional torture" for the women.

I came across an article on the HotAir Green Room that makes some good points on this issue:

And why would seeing an ultrasound before an abortion be emotional torture to a woman?
 ...Why would abortion advocates have such a problem with women being forced to view the ultrasound? Apparently, during first trimester abortions, women weren’t much dissuaded from the abortion because an unborn baby at, say, five weeks kind of looks like a little tadpole or something, and not like a baby. Once you start looking at second and third trimester abortions, however, the images are much harder for women to see. And regardless of when in the pregnancy the abortion takes place, women who are unsure about their choice are definitely swayed by viewing the ultrasound.
...A woman who is already confused and scared and unsure about the choice to have an abortion who views the ultrasound is much more likely to change her mind than the woman who doesn’t see her baby first.
Deep down, their conscience will tell them that this is wrong, but they don’t want to admit that to themselves. That is what brings on the feelings of emotional torture. And it’s what pro-abortion activists don’t want women to know. The abortion lobby does not want women to be fully informed about the realities of abortion, because if women were, a much greater number of them would walk away. So pro-abortion activists try to keep women in the dark, while screeching that they’re only fighting for women’s rights.
The article also discusses the powerful impact that ultrasound technology had on Bernard Nathanson, one of the doctors who helped found NARAL.  Being able to directly view a baby alive in the womb fundamentally shook Dr. Nathanson's beliefs about abortion, and led him to become one of the leaders of the pro-life movement.   

HB 1143 is currently in limbo waiting for Gov. Crist's signature.  There are fourteen days left for him to sign it.  According to the Sentinel, as of yesterday, the Governor "had received just over 39,000 calls, e-mails and letters about the bill, with 23,308 people asking the governor to sign it and 15,728 asking for a veto."

Since we all know how far Charlie's willing to go in his worship of the Poll Gods, if you support this bill, please contact the Governor at 850-488-7146 or Charlie.Crist@myflorida.com

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