Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At Least He's Consistent

Just wanted to share a little blast from the past.  Here's an article from the Orlando Weekly, back when Alan Grayson* first ran for Congress:
Nice to know that some things never change.  Grayson has been a hot head from the very beginning, and exhibited serious problems comprehending the first amendment, not to mention completely childish behavior when anyone dared to criticize him.   (Love, love, LOVE Billy Manes' nickname for him: "The Incredible Sulk."  HA.)
*New SunshineStateSarah policy: every time we mention Alan Grayson in a post, we are going to link to www.MyCongressmanIsNuts.com.  Al, tell your lawyers they can address their cease and desist letters to me at P.O Box 3685, Winter Park, FL 32790.

Sarah :)


  1. Great idea Sarah, but you keep forgetting to include his middle name "Dis"

  2. Haha, so true. I debated giving clever nicknames to the politicians mentioned here (DisGrayson is great, TanMan or Ooompa Loompa for Charlie, etc.) but ultimately gave in to convenience and the desire to help people find the site. Using the proper spellings of the names helps Google find this site, so eventually someone searching for info about good ol' Al might end up finding my snarky little comments instead.


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