Thursday, June 3, 2010

Link between Alan Grayson and the Florida Tea Party?

There are several rumors and conspiracy theories floating around the local political scene about potential connections between Alan Grayson and what I'm going to call the "Fake Tea Party," the Florida Tea Party that was created by Doug Guetzloe after he was excommunicated from the Republican Party, and his favorite attack dog attorney, Fred O'Neal.  

Guetzloe is well-known for threatening to sue everybody who dares to mention his name in any unflattering context.  Not sure if they're going to sue me for calling their party "fake," but I would just like to tell Mr. O'Neal to get out his Black's Law Dictionary and look up what "libel," "slander," and "defamation" actually mean before he sends me a demand letter.  Last time he sent me one it made some pretty laughable claims.

Anyway, the reason I'm going to call the Florida Tea Party the Fake Tea Party is because, in my opinion (i.e., sorry Dougie, it's not libel), the leaders of this third party are not actual tea party movement activists.  I never saw them at any Tea Party event I went to in Orlando.   They are definitely not associated with the organizers of the local Tea Party events, the Tea Party Patriots radio program, or any of the other grassroots groups.  The registration of this group is, in my opinion, more due to Guetzloe's anger at the Republican Party and desire to reclaim some political power than any genuine desire to help the conservative cause or bring any reform.  The abusive litigation Guetzloe filed against some of the local tea partiers is prime evidence of their true motivations.  

For more information on the ongoing litigation between some real tea party movement activists and Guetzloe and his fellow opportunist leeches, check out this Facebook group: TPM vs. Tea Party Third Party.

Anyway, Orlando Political Press posted this article regarding what appears to be an attempt by Grayson to help bring the Florida Tea Party candidate running against him some publicity:

Now, I can't prove that Alan Grayson is secretly funding the Fake Tea Party or what exactly his involvement is, but there are some things I do know:
  • In Rick Keller's first run for Congress, Guetzloe was a paid consultant for his campaign.
  • In 2008, Keller refused to hire Guetzloe or pay him any money.  I spoke to Keller personally shortly after the election, and he told me that Guetzloe was unhappy about this and threatened to back Keller's opponent unless he hired Guetzloe again.  Other Republican candidates have told me similar stories.
  • During the 2008 election, Guetzloe had Alan Grayson ads on his radio program, the Guetzloe Report.
  • Guetzloe also had Grayson on his radio program at least once that I remember, possibly other times.   
  • The Grayson interview that I heard could be characterized as positive.
  • I heard Guetzloe say on his radio program that because he was a member of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, he could not officially endorse a Democrat, but he was not supporting Keller and urged his listeners to check out Grayson.  The wording may not have been an official endorsement, but it was clearly a statement of support.
The common consensus among local conservatives and tea party activists is that a third party tea party would be more likely to steal votes from Republicans than Democrats.  A third party candidate is unlikely to actually win a Congressional race, and in the specific case of District 8, the addition of a Florida Tea Party Fake Tea Party candidate on the ballot only serves to help Grayson, one of the most radically liberal and controversial Congressmen ever elected from Florida, get re-elected.  

Considering Guetzloe's support of Alan Grayson in 2008, I am not surprised to see him working with a third party effort that is so blatantly and obviously helpful to Grayson.

For someone who is constantly bragging about their conservative credentials, Guetzloe has a funny way of showing it.  These efforts with the Fake Tea Party benefit no actual conservatives; all the benefits go to Guetzloe's own ego and pocketbook, and Grayson's re-election hopes.


  1. Guetzloe is a foolish fat fraud. He sold out his conservative cred long ago; now he's just the overweight whore on the street corner giving pleasure to any who pay. Grayson is just a regular John nothing more.

  2. Hear, hear, Sarah, well spoken. Hopefully this and other posts will ensure that the, in my opinion, Fake Florida Tea Party Party will be exposed for what it is. Part of the proof lies in the litigation that this fake party spawned against other (true) Tea Party organizers. If this party was truly representing the Tea Party movement, the litigation would never occur. This is just an attempt to hijack the Tea Party reputation and siphon off the votes of uninformed voters


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