Thursday, June 3, 2010

Palm Beach Post editorial on Rick Scott Ripoff

The Palm Beach Post editorial page had some great comments recently about Rick Scott.  One of the best short, simple, and sweet reasons why I cannot support him:
As co-founder and CEO of the hospital company Columbia/HCA, [Rick Scott] ran a business that paid a $1.7 billion fine - the largest ever - to atone for fraud that included bilking Medicare out of billions of dollars. This self-professed hands-on manager, who says he'll watch over every state dollar, escaped prosecution by claiming that he didn't know what his company was doing.

Shortly after the FBI raided Columbia/HCA's offices, Mr. Scott was ousted. He got to keep $10 million in severance and stock worth a reported $300 million, fattened by all those Medicare overcharges.
Mr. Scott promises to hold government accountable and cut costs. But the business he ran ripped off government, which means that it ripped off taxpayers. He didn't hold his own business accountable. Government had to hold his business accountable.

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