Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sounds like a waste of money to me

This is just ridiculous.  McLean ran for office as a fiscal conservative, and then pulled shenanigans like this.  About nine thousand bucks for unnecessary office furniture...may not be all that much, but I think it betrays a philosophy that is incompatible with being a true fiscal conservative.

Like most candidates in this fiscally conservative Republican stronghold, Mike McLean campaigned on a platform that was clearly pro-business and low taxes when he ran for office last year.
Some of the literature in his successful campaign for Seminole County Commission even included a promise to make government "live within its means."

So what did the county's rookie commissioner do two months into his term? He asked for $8,883.28 in new office furniture, including a $1,200 high-back leather chair and a $1,100 credenza.
The county staff obliged, though the existing furniture -- a cherry-stained desk, table, bookshelves and traditional Queen Anne-style chairs -- is in good repair except for minor scratches and dings.

McLean defends the request, saying the 10-year-old furniture, while functional, is out of date.
What?!  Are you kidding me?

For one thing, I'm glad my grandfather isn't around anymore to hear someone say that cherry-stained, Queen Anne furniture is "out of date."  Umm, sorry McLean, but that's called "classic" and remember, "good taste never goes out of style." 

And as far as "minor scratches and dings" go, that is no reason to throw out good wood furniture.  Four generations of Rumpfs have made and restored wood furniture, and my house has several treasured items made by my father or grandfather, or that I've salvaged and repaired myself.  "Minor scratches" are easily fixed with touch up marker kits.  Here's my favorite brand:

I've got a set and used them successfully on my furniture at home.  It's a special type of marker that seems somewhat paint-like, a little thicker than regular marker ink, applies easily and permanently covers up scratches.

Eight bucks, McLean!  Just eight bucks, and your furniture could have been nice and pretty again.  Amazon even offers that free super saver shipping if your total order is at least $25!  May we suggest some reading material?

Finally, McLean's argument that there was some pressing need to update the furniture is just pathetic:
This office isn't my office.  It's the citizens of Seminole County's office. I have an obligation to make it as up to date as possible.
Furniture does not become obsolete like computers or other technology.  Having slightly older furniture isn't going to interfere with meeting with constituents or otherwise doing the job of a commissioner. 

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  1. Mike McLean is a crook! The only person he's been serving since he got into office is himself.

    I don't know anything about his opponent but I will be voting for him in this election...and if he's as bad as McLean then I'll vote against him in 2014!

    It's time we demanded more accountability and better behavior out of our elected officials...Mike McLean needs a pink slip.


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