Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Erick Erickson Endorses Adam Hasner

Influential RedState blogger and talk radio host Erick Erickson posted an endorsement for Adam Hasner in the Florida Senate race this morning.

The post went up at 5:00 a.m. and has dominated much of the Florida political chatter on Twitter so far today (the #Sayfie Twitter Ticker on the Sayfie Review website is still over one-third posts about this endorsement, almost six hours later).

Here's Erickson's excellent post. He's been getting a lot of laughs for referring to LeMieux as "LeCrist:"

RedState | Erick Erickson | I'm Supporting Adam Hasner for the Senate
There are a lot of important Senate races shaping up in 2012 and my strong fear is that many tea party activists are going to be so focused on beating Barack Obama — a worthy cause — that they are going to drop the ball on Senate races.

I have not really weighed in yet on endorsing any candidates for the United States Senate, but with an every growing pool of potential candidates in the Florida Senate race, I want to go on record now supporting Adam Hasner.

Former Senator George LeCrist, hand picked by Charlie Crist to keep his seat warm, is running as are several others. I think conservatives need to be wary of many of them and we cannot afford to take Florida for granted as a Republican state.

Adam Hasner has, I think, the best background and most conservative record to run in Florida. I hope you will join me in supporting him. We cannot afford to lose Florida to either the Democrats, or the squishy Republicans.
Erickson shares my pride in being a very early Marco Rubio supporter, and he's made another outstanding pick here. Hasner was thrilled and humbled to get Erickson's support, posting on his twitter account:
Wow...we are so grateful to receive @ endorsement this morning. 
To learn more about Adam Hasner:
Adam Hasner Exploratory Committee website
Adam Hasner on Facebook
Twitter: @AdamHasner

And, ICYMI, here's my April 7th post on Hasner:

Sunshine State Sarah | Adam Hasner: Conservative Before It Was Cool

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  1. I cross-posted my earlier post about Adam Hasner over at RedState, and it was promoted as a "Recommended Diary." Check it out and leave some comments there too. :)



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