Thursday, April 28, 2011

The mystery of Obama's birth certificate, solved!

This is, hands down, my favorite tweet about the release of Obama's birth certificate yesterday:

Nice try, Mr. President, but if your birth certificate was made in 1961, WHY IS IT IN PDF FORMAT?!Wed Apr 27 16:19:35 via web

For added entertainment, check out some of the responses that @MikeDrucker retweeted yesterday from people who just do not understand sarcasm.

That last tweet I linked is especially delightful, not only completely missing the snarky intent of the original tweet, but also playing the race card with an exuberant level of stupidity:

@mpoppel @MikeDrucker Gee, let me guess- maybe because it was sent via computer? Was that REALLY so hard? #racismisaliveandwellinthegopWed Apr 27 17:51:53 via web

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