Sunday, April 3, 2011

RedState | Iraq vs. Libya: A Graphic Interpretation

From Caleb Howe, originally posted at RedState:

Iraq vs. Libya: A Graphic Interpretation
Today Jeff Emanuel posted a very interesting chart regarding the differences between President Bush’s War in Iraq and President Obama’s Kinetic Military Action in Libya. I found the data to be very illuminating, and kudos to Jeff for the research and clarity in putting it together.
In fact, I thought the chart was so good that I was inspired to put it into graphic format. So below, please find Jeff Emanuel’s chart, with some graphics added to it.

Part of the graphic (the part that addressed UN resolutions, etc.) wouldn't link well for some reason, but you can click here to see the original post and the full graphic. Post a nice comment for Caleb Howe while you're there.

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