Thursday, April 21, 2011

Allen West should have his own TV channel

Here's Congressman/Rock Star Allen West on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record show last night:

West has some harsh words for President Obama, saying he displays "Third World dictator-like arrogance," calling the former community organizer nothing more than a "low-level socialist agitator," pointing out that the White House is occupied by someone who has never even run a lemonade stand, etc. West also decries the "election cycle American Idol" that helped Obama get elected.

The best part is how West looks directly in the camera and calmly delivers each word (without a TelePrompter, ha!).

My digital cable TV system shows over 1,000 channels. There really ought to be a Allen-West-All-The-Time channel.

ICYMI, my last post on Allen West (with more video evidence of why there really should be a Allen West channel):
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