Friday, September 2, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for September 2, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
  • The Jim Greer situation continues to slog on through the courts and the media, causing nightmares for a number of Florida politicians, including Florida Senate candidate George LeMieux:
Miami Herald | Jim Greer TV Tell-all is bad news for George LeMieux 
And that's bad news for LeMieux as he runs in a crowded Republican primary where he's trying to shake the legacy of calling himself and acting like a "Charlie Crist Republican." Judging by the first night's installment, the TV piece won't have much new in it. But it raises the issue of Greer and it specifically highlighted LeMieux, thereby making the old story news again. And campaigns are all about examining a candidate's past to help determine his future. 
LeMieux has tried to distance himself from his old boss (and Greer) by saying that Crist drifted left after he left the governor's office as chief of staff. But Greer told us a while back that he inked a little-known $10,000 monthly Republican Party of Florida contract — ultimately worth $150,000 — to pay LeMieux to continue giving Crist advice through a company called MTC Strategies. 
Greer owes a measure of his chairmanship to LeMieux, who was Crist's top campaign and gubernatorial advisor early on and therefore rounded up the votes on the Republican Executive Committee of RPOF to help make Greer chairman.

  • ICYMI, Adam Hasner wrote an excellent op-ed for Human Events on the issue of tax reform earlier this week:
Human Events | Adam Hasner | Tax Problems Not Too Complex For Simple Answers
  • Elle Magazine recently had an article about conservative women (I linked to commentary about it a few weeks ago), who they snidely referred to as "Baby Palins." CNN interviewed several of the women featured in the article, including Ashley Sewell, on the term "Baby Palin" and about their roles in the modern conservative movement:
For the record, I found the "Baby" part of the nickname just as objectionable. These are grown, educated women. Calling them "Babies" diminishes them. I don't remember ever seeing any young liberals referred to as "Baby Clintons" or "Baby Obamas."
  • Michelle Malkin has the latest on the Department of Justice's "Orwellian" crackdown on Gibson Guitars:
Michelle Malkin | Gibson Guitars CEO on DOJ Bullies: "[S]macks of something from an Orwell novel" 
  • Erick Erickson cuts right to the heart of the matter regarding Obama's jobs speech, scheduled for next week:
RedState | Erick Erickson | We Don't Need a Speech. We Need Jobs
  • Those "green jobs" that the Obama administration keeps cheerleading are turning out to be just like pretty much every other government boondoggle:
RedState | Ben Howe | Solar Power Business Model Unsustainable
  • Here's the latest hysterical video from Steven Crowder, this type drawing the connection between federal gas taxes and unions:

  • Commentary from Frank Torres regarding Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson (for the record, I agree with Torres...Thompson is a great commissioner and very accessible to Orange County residents. The Sentinel needs to calm the heck down):
Florida Politics with Frank Torres | Critics should lay off O.C. Commissioner's use of Social Media
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