Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for September 5, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
Red County | Dr. Richard Swier | The Score Cards are In: Senator Marco Rubio 93% and Senator Bill Nelson 10%
St. Petersburg Times | The Buzz | Winner and Loser of the Week in Fla politics

Thank you @DaveBitner for your service to the GOP- your courage to serve the cause while battling an illness is an inspiration to us all.Wed Aug 31 21:17:51 via Echofon

  • The ongoing saga of Jim Greer slogs on, and continues to splash mud on George LeMieux:
Miami Herald | Naked Politics | Lisa Greer hits back at George LeMieux, the "handpicked Senator of Charlie Crist"
  • Mike McCalister sticks his foot in his mouth, again:
Miami Herald | Naked Politics | Col. McCalister flubs question about VA eligibility at Tiger Bay forum
  • Allen West comments on the controversy surrounding McCalister's campaign:
The Shark Tank | Allen West - McCalister Should Release His Records
  • A brilliantly simple campaign ad idea for the GOP from Erick Erickson:
RedState | Erick Erickson | The Ad Campaign
  • One of the scariest RedState headlines ever, and some interesting discussion in the comments section:
RedState | "If Al Gore had won..."
  • Great commentary by David Limbaugh on our Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief:
David Limbaugh | The Time for Empty Talk is Over 
As President Obama's presidential term has unfolded, he has made it increasingly clear what he meant all those times he haughtily said, "I won." It's his world, and he has no intention of sharing control over it. 
This was on stark display when he attempted to pre-empt the Republican debate with a grandiose joint session of Congress called solely for the purpose of delivering another round of economic propaganda. 
He would have us believe that his speech will be of monumental import, but everyone knows, Democrats included, that it will be nothing more and nothing less than a sales job. There will be nothing new in this speech, no new ideas, no new information.
There is never anything new in any of his speeches, including the 50-plus orations he delivered on Obamacare, but he nevertheless keeps going back to the well. He has degenerated into a habitual pattern of presenting an idea and, after the public rejects it, making further speeches to convince us that we are the ones who are wrong. With each new speech, no matter the subject, he ends up with fewer supporters of the proposition in question, yet he remains oblivious to the diminishing returns he is achieving.
  • Tweet from Conan O'Brien, with an excellent lesson for his kids:

Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream.Sun Sep 04 16:05:57 via web

  • Here's an interesting article about Steve MacNamara, Governor Rick Scott's new chief of staff. Whether the changes spearheaded by MacNamara will have lasting impact remains to be seen, but Scott has seemed more accessible and friendly with the press lately, and I welcome the change. Every time I've ever spoken with the Governor, he has been extremely polite and has an easy-going, low key personality. It has always boggled my mind how he is demonized by certain people on the Left and in the media.
Miami Herald | Rick Scott's makeover maven
  • Yet another Obama administration scandal: the President's uncle arrested for drunk driving, and it turns out he is here illegally. Michelle Malkin has the latest, and a sharp discussion about our immigration policies:
Michelle Malkin | America's Uncle Omar problem

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