Friday, September 16, 2011

More about that awesome Ford ad

Last week, I posted a great Ford commercial in which a customer named "Chris" states that one of the reason that he bought a Ford truck was because the company was "standing on their own" instead of taking government bailouts like GM and Chrysler.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has an excellent write-up about the commercial, including a followup video from Chris:

Hot Air | Wow: Ford ad blasts bailouts - and perhaps more

YouTube | Ford Commercial Response
Picking winners and losers by the government is clearly not the answer to our economy's struggles. Ford is an incredible company that has stood on their own. There's no doubt about it.
Chris also praises Ford for having the courage "to go directly to the people" and stand up for their belief in standing on their own. He emphasizes that he is not an actor and that the commercial wasn't staged, and encourages viewers to support American companies that have philosophies like Ford:
The message really isn't about politics, it's about personal responsibility. We have an obligation, as...American citizen[s], to fend for ourselves. Our government promised us equal opportunity. Our government didn't promise us equal outcomes.
Well said, Chris.

See my original post here:

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  1. The Ford ad was removed bye the company but is available at this link (not great quality, but it works):


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