Monday, September 26, 2011

Phone call with Herman Cain

After Herman Cain won the Presidency 5 straw poll, I found State Representative Scott Plakon and his wife Susie in the convention center lobby and we called one of the Cain staffers who had set up the meeting where Plakon had endorsed Cain.

A very happy Team Cain was already on their way to the airport, but Herman Cain had time to briefly chat with us on the phone about how pleased he was with the straw poll results and how grateful he was for Plakon's support. They were nice enough to let me record the call, and I'm happy to share it with you here:

YouTube | Scott Plakon phone call with Herman Cain after straw poll win
Plakon: "Boy, it is just electric around here, and there's reporters all over here asking what in the world happened here, and I just told one of them I think your leadership just captivated people..." 
Cain: "Well, that is great...I'm glad I'm talking to you, I wanted to thank you because you were not afraid to speak up and support me...I just wanted to personally thank you for not being afraid to step up."
Plakon noted that he was "thrilled" to support Cain and pledged to do whatever was needed to help him develop his network of supporters in Florida. "We're all in!"

You can definitely hear the warmth and gratitude in Cain's voice, and I am humbled that both Plakon and Cain said such kind words to thank me for my role. I'm still amazed at the slice of political history I was privileged to witness this week.
 "Congratulations, Mr. Cain...Florida is proud to support you!"

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