Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Coffee Reading for September 12, 2011

Here's your morning coffee reading for today:
  • L'affaire de Greer continues to burn, and it hasn't escaped the notice of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In a recent post, the DSCC lands some devastating blows on George LeMieux, including link after link after link to news articles showing the years of connections between LeMieux, former Governor (and former Republican) Charlie Crist, and former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer:
DSCC | Adam Hasner Says You Broke The Law. What Say You, George LeMieux? --& (Crickets)
  • The New York special election to fill Anthony Weiner's Congressional seat is shaping up to be more of a challenge than the Democrats expected:
Michelle Malkin | Doug Powers | Race to Replace Anthony Weiner Update: Poll Finds Republican Leading by 6 Points
RedState | PPP (D) Poll: Turner (R)/Weprin (D) 47/41 in NY-09
  • Congressman Cliff Stearns was interviewed by Fox News about the FBI's raid on the Solyndra plant and the latest developments in the failure of the Obama administration's green jobs agenda:
  • More information on the Solyndra scandal:
Moonbattery | Solyndra Scandal Opens Door on Green Energy Corruption
  • Powerful article by Mark Steyn about his frustration with political correctness infiltrating our remembrances of 9/11:
National Review Online | Mark Steyn | Let's Roll Over
  • Before 9/11, many NYC businesses and organizations used the World Trade Center buildings in their logos. Afterwards, these logos began disappearing from view. Someone decided to create an online forum to collect and preserve these logos. Check out and also this WSJ article:
Wall Street Journal | In the Graphic Skyline, Twin Towers Fade From View

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