Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adam Hasner Townhall column on Israel

Florida Senate candidate Adam Hasner has written a powerful op-ed for Townhall on the topic of Israel, and how the Obama administration has failed our ally:
Townhall | Adam Hasner | A Time to Act: Defending Israel and Doing What is Just
Why does the Palestinian Authority feel empowered to act so boldly? 
The answer lies in the Obama administration’s enduring hostility for Israel, the one nation in the Middle East that has been a steadfast ally of the United States.

Time and time again, President Obama has demeaned and diminished Israel, opting instead for a policy that puts “daylight” between us, in order to placate Islamist states with values inimical to Israel's and our own. This administration has turned a blind eye to the ongoing incitement to violence, glorification of terrorism, and the hateful indoctrination of children committed by both Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party and the Hamas terrorist organization. And they have ignored unprovoked missile attacks and bombings against Israeli civilians.
The United Nations vote could have been stopped by the Obama administration if it had acted decisively from the beginning...
...The coming efforts at the United Nations clearly demonstrate that the establishment of a 23rd Arab state called Palestine is not what is truly desired. It’s the establishment of a Palestine on the ruins of Israel which is the inevitable result of their efforts. Efforts sadly bolstered and encouraged by the actions of President Obama.
If America is truly Israel’s greatest ally, we should not be asking it to put its citizens and future at risk by forcing the establishment of a hostile Palestinian state as the only option. Israel is vital to America’s strategic interests and we should be fighting to defend its sovereignty and security, and immediately move to slash funding to the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations...

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